Transcend JetFlash 350 16GB USB Flash Drive – only R149

Everything goes up, just the rain comes down. So the saying goes. But in the case of the value of the Rand… well, we were worried that the price of memory modules will go through the roof but at least you can still get flash drives at a decent price.

The Transcend JetFlash 350 16GB flash drive costs only R149. All things considered, that is a very good price for a sizable flash drive, particularly one with a good read/write speed. 

The Transcend JetFlash model 350 is a USB 2.0 flash drive, meaning it is a Hi-Speed model with a maximum signaling rate of 480 Mbit/s (effective throughput up to 35 MB/s). And while the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed is, of course, faster, we can assure you that 35MB per second is ample for all normal transfer applications.

The JetFlash 350 is extremely slim and portable, measuring 61.5mm × 18.59mm × 8.7mm and weighs a mere 8,5 gram.

Transcend JetFlash 350 16GB Flash Drive

Transcend Elite

The JetFlash 350 includes the Transcend Elite software which makes it easy to keep important files organized, protected and up-to-date. The features include:

Intelligent Backup Scheduling and Multitasking

Elite offers a quick and easy way to back up various types of files and organize them in different categories with user-customizable Backup Tasks. You can also compress large files or encrypt private data by simply adjusting the settings of your existing Backup Tasks. Flexible scheduling is also available, allowing you to regularly back up data at specific times to ensure your data is always up to date.

Restore Data From Any Point In Time

Bring lost or damaged data back to life with three easy steps. You can choose from any of your previous backup points and specify a specific destination that you want to restore the backup to

Real-time Incremental Backup

This powerful function is able to cross-check your existing files or folders with the ones you have selected in your Backup Task and determine if any changes have been made. When necessary, Elite will automatically perform an incremental backup of just the contents that need to be updated, thereby saving space and ensuring your backups are always remain current.

Powerful Security With Encrypted File Compression 

Elite offers you a quick and easy way to protect files with powerful 256-bit AES encryption. The Encrypt function can be used completely independent of the Backup function for easy, straightforward and reliable data security.

Keep Your Backups Clean, Lean And Organized 

The Backup Manager lets you browse through your previous backups and delete old, redundant, or unnecessary backup points to free up valuable space on your storage device.

Wherever You Go, Your Internet Favorites Go With You

Elite`s Bookmark Sync function copies your Internet Explorer Favorites or Firefox Bookmarks to your portable device, allowing you to carry them with you at all times so you can browse your favorite websites on any computer just like you would at home.

Protect Your Computer With Confidence

Transcend Elite can be configured to temporarily lock your desktop or notebook computer whenever you unplug the storage device-effectively preventing unauthorized access to sensitive documents while you are away from your desk.
*PC lock does not support Windows 8.

Transcend JetFlash 350 16GB boxed

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You can get the Transcend JetFlash 350 16GB flash drive for R149 on the Essential IT Solutions online shop in the Flash Drive category.

Date: 05 Sep 2013