Asus B85-PLUS LGA1150 Motherboard now only R1 505

When it was introduced, we reported about the excellent features of the Asus B85-PLUS LGA1150 motherboard, mentioning “the Intel B85 chipset offers out-of-the-box solutions for better PC performance, manageability, and security protection.”

We were particularly impressed with the Intel Rapid Recover and Intel Smart Connect technology featured by the B85 chipset-based motherboard. The surprise was that this mobo also optimizes PCI Express allocation in multi-GPU CrossFireX environments. 

You can read our report here but what we’d like to point out today is that the price for the Asus B85-PLUS has now dropped to only R1 505.

Asus B85-PLUS LGA1150 motherboard

Note: make sure your current CPU is Socket 1150 compliant. If not, see Affordable CPU for Socket 1150 motherboards.

Date: 10 Oct 2013