Baobab Acrobat Flexible Keyboard

You have to see it to believe that there is such a thing as a flexible keyboard. It’s kinda weird. But very comfortable, actually, with its soft feel and soft touch.

At first, we were surprised when the Baobab Acrobat flexible keyboards started flying off our racks. But they cost only R79 and once you start using it you will enjoy the fun factor. And, of course, it gets a lot of attention wherever you take it. 

Oh, and that they come in different colours: black, blue, green, orange, purple, white and, yes, pink!

Baobab Acrobat Flexible Keyboard Orange

Baobab Acrobat Flexible Keyboard Pink Folded

Baobab Acrobat Flexible Keyboard Green

Baobab Acrobat Flexible Keyboard Black

These lightweight silicon keyboards are virtually indestructible. They are water and dust proof and are easy to clean.

Even though they are ultra slim they are fully featured, being 106-keys keyboards with a right-hand side numeric section as you would find on any full-size keyboard.

Baobab Acrobat Flexible Keyboard Pink

Who uses it? Well, we thought that they would be used with notebook and tablets but many people use it as their primary PC keyboard. After all, they connect via USB in the normal plug-and-play fashion.

Baobab Acrobat Flexible Keyboard Boxed

The packaging of these keyboard are way out there. They are boxed in a cylindrical package. Take it out, roll it out and plug it in. The fact that they work properly straight away even though they are stored in this way is proof of their durability.

Baobab Acrobat Flexible Keyboard boxed

By now you’ve read our minds: this is a nice birthday or Xmas gift!

Check it out!

We invite you to come check them out. They’re so popular that we always keep a demo on the counter. People love playing with them.

You’ll find Essential IT Solutions computer shops at 89 George Street, Strand and Shop G93A (opposite Capitec at the station exit), Parow Centre in Voortrekker Road, Parow.

Selling fast!

Clicking on any of the above images will take you directly to the keyboard category of our online computer store. If they are not listed, they are sold out for the moment but we do get them in all the time. As we mentioned, these flexible keyboards are very popular.

Date: 25 Oct 2013