Dialing Into The Office While Away On Holiday

You deserve your holiday! But you’ll want peace of mind about your computer systems back in the office while you’re away (even when the office is staffed).

There are a number of remote networking options that will allow you to “dial into the office” (or to your home) from the comfort of your camping chair. In fact, providing you have cell phone signal, you can even keep an eye on your office or home computer via your smartphone or tablet PC. 

Remote networking via smartphone or tablet PC

Computer things to consider while away on holiday

1. Backup power –

Power outages are, unfortunately, a feature on our landscape. Consider investing in a UPS (Uninterupted Power Supply) to keep your computer going while the power is off.

Prices range from R739 to R6 200, based on the capacity and features of the UPS.

2. Data backup –

There are a number of options available;

a. Cloud backup, either arranged through your service provider – we can arrange and set it up for you – or automated through a subscription service and/or app provided by backup systems (mentioned in the next point.)

b. Hard drive backup solutions such as QNAP storage solutionSeagate Business NAS storage HDD system or Western Digital MyBook Live or the Western Digital My Cloud.

c. Intergrated wireless access as featured on the latest motherboards such as the Asus P8Z77V with its Wi-Fi GO! control technology.

d. Physical backup service made regularly by a computer technician. This is also a service we at Essential IT Solutions provide, offering highly confidential and secure backup service. We do not need to visit your office or home – we do the backup remotely and store your data separately in a secure location.

3. Keep on working!

Need to urgently get a document from the office? Access to your office or home computer is quick and easy via your smartphone or tablet PC once you have the remote system set up. We’ll show you how.

But keep in mind that you’re suppose to spend the holiday with your family! Use this service only when absolutely necessary.

4. Wireless camera –

Consider setting up a wireless camera to keep an eye on your office or your home. This can be done easily with a security camera which you can monitor from your smartphone or tablet PC.

The modern wireless cameras are small and effective. You can install it discreetly. The image quality is very good, even in low light.

Essential remote networking IT

Your current computer system at your office or home can be set up for full remote backup and control within a day. You can go on holiday with peace of mind, quickly “dialing into the office” between braaing the chops and the wors.

Backups will be automated – done before the ice in your dop has melted!

For more info, give us call on 021 853 4790.

Date: 22 Nov 2013