Sapphire HD6570 2GB DDR3 Graphics Card

When you browse through the graphics card category on this computer blog or the graphics card category on our online shop you’ll notice the price variation between the different cards. Frankly, when you’re looking for an extreme gaming graphics card you’ll have to fork out a bit to get the benefits of the latest GPU technology.

On the other hand, if you need a good graphics card at a low price mostly for high definition video (and some gaming) there are some real bargains. The Sapphire Radeon HD6570 2GB DDR3 graphics card offers advanced video and display features and costs only R849

Sapphire Radeon HD6570 2GB DDR3 graphics card

This card is no slouch. The 650 MHz Core Clock, 480 x Stream Processors and 24 texture units will handle the latest games when you play it low or medium res. The 128-bit 2GB DDR3 video memory will handle 1600 MHz effective.

Look a bit deeper and you’ll discover AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) technology and UVD (Unified Video Decoder) dedicated video playback accelerator plus High Definition Stereoscopic 3D. The latter, we remind you –

High Definition Stereoscopic 3D, a technique that presents 2D images (movies, games, photos) in a format that creates the illusion of three-dimensional depth when using compatible 3D displays/glasses/software.

Sapphire Radeon HD6570 graphics card

Sapphire Radeon HD6570 reviews

PC Advisor also points out that this is not a card for extreme gaming but is ideal for HD: “The Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6570 card is small. In fact, it’s tiny, and its half-height dimensions make it perfect for a home-theatre PC.”

Overclockers confirms, “The Sapphire HD6570 is a solid choice for an HTPC (Home Theatre PC) build if you would like to do some light gaming at 1080p resolution or below.”

In fact, all the reviews and forum discussion centre around the video and display quality of this card. The official Sapphire page also mentions its “improved picture and media editing capabilities.”

Sapphire Radeon HD6570 specifications:

Display Support 2 x Maximum Display Monitor(s) support
Output x D-Sub(VGA)
1 x Dual-Link DVI
1 x HDMI (with 3D)
GPU 650 MHz Core Clock
40 nm Chip
480 x Stream Processors
Video Memory 2048 MB Size
128 -bit DDR3
1600 MHz Effective
Dimension 169(L) x 19(W)x94(H) mm Size.

So, for excellent Home Theatre graphics at an extremely good price, the 2GB DDR3 Sapphire HD6570 is the way to go.

Date: 14 Nov 2013