More Flash Drive Space

More space! Much more space! Memory space, that is. In particular, flash drive memory.

You probably store a lot of your music, movies and photographs on flash drives and you’d like to keep it. One of your flash drives may hold just dance music while another holds popular hits and on yet another you store your music DVD tracks.

Fortunately, flash drives are cheap. A 4 gig PQI costs only R59 and an 8 gig Sandisk only R79. 

Flash Drives Feb 2014

USB Flash Drives Online

How much data can a flash drive hold? 4 800 photographs, 2 000 MP3 music tracks or 4 hours of video.

You’ll find flash drives from different manufacturers, in different sizes (from 4 gig to 32 gig) and different speed ratings (up to Class 10) in the Flash Drive Category of the Essential IT Solutions online shop.

Date: 29 Jan 2014