Creative SBS A550 and Inspire T6300 5.1 Sound Systems

The Creative SBS A550 system has the loudest A-series Creative speakers yet. The newly-improved  Creative IFP (Image Focusing Plate) design around the satellite drivers gives you a brilliant acoustic sweet spot.

The Creative Dual Slot Enclosure (DSE) design packs even louder sound and a deeper playback into a compact housing, making the SBS A550 an excellent choice for 5.1 gaming. 

Creative SBS A550

The wired remote control unit of the SBS A550 features the ON/OFF and volume controls. There also is a dial switch on the subwoofer which allows you to adjust the bass.

Creative SBS A550 Subwoofer

  • System Configuration:  5.1 system
  • Speakers:
    5 x 5W RMS (per channel) Satellite Speakers (Front Left, Front Right, Rear Left, Rear Right and Center satellites)
    1 x 12W RMS Subwoofer
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): 75dB
  • Subwoofer Port Design: External flared
  • Dimensions:
    Satellite: 72.0 x 147.0 x 79.0 mm
    Subwoofer: 190.0 x 230.0 x 210.0 mm
  • Weight:
    Front and Center Satellites: 3 x approx 254g
    Rear Satellites: 2 x approx 275g
    Subwoofer: 2.14kg
  • Connector Type: 3.5mm 5.1 Analog Jack
  • Remote Control: Wired

Creative SBS A550 5.1 Sound System
Creative SBS A550 speakers

The Creative SBS A550 sound system is pretty nifty and a real good deal at only R769.

Creative Inspire T6300

The Inspire T6300 also feature the Creative IFP and Creative DSE designs, also has a wired remote control and the bass level can also be adjusted on the subwoofer but the emphasis of this system is on surround sound, with the front satellites being slightly larger than those of the A550.

The main difference, though, is the power. The Inspire T6300 blasts out 7W RMS per channel (5 channels) and 22 Watt RMS via the slightly taller and heavier subwoofer.

The Inspire T6300 is available at only R130 more than the A550, meaning it’s a steal at R899.

Creative Inspire T6300 5.1 Sound System

Creative Inspire T6300 speakers

  • System Configuration: 5.1 system
  • Speakers:
    5 x 7W RMS (per channel) Satellite Speakers
    1 x 22W RMS Subwoofer
  • Frequency Response50Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)>75dB
  • Dimensions:
    Front Satellites: 86.0 x 177.0 x 93.0 mm
    Center & Rear Satellite: 72.0 x 147.0 x 79.0 mm
    Subwoofer: 175.0 x 227.0 x 263 mm
  • Weight:
    Front Satellite: 2 x 274g
    Center Satellite: 258g
    Rear Satellite: 2 x 319g
    Subwoofer: 2.4kg (5.3lbs)
  • Connector Type: 3.5mm 5.1 Analog Jack
  • Color: Black
  • Remote Control: Wired

A550 or T6300?

The specs above clearly state the difference between the two systems. Both are excellent value for money. The choice comes down to your budget: R769 for the Creative SBS A550 and R899 for the Creative Inspire T6300 sound system.

Creative SBS A550 and Inspire T6300 sound systems

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Date: 25 Feb 2014