Laptop Screen, Keyboard, Power Supply and Battery Replacement

Laptop screen replacements from R1 190, laptop keyboard replacements from only R499, power supplies for famous brand laptops also from as little as R499, laptop batteries from R749.

Yes, you need not despair when the screen of your laptop breaks or when the keyboard stops working after some accidental coke or coffee spill – a replacement is relatively cheap and quick to install (on the spot if we have stock or typically a next day collection). 

Same for those laptop batteries that notoriously stop charging for seemingly no reason. (Tip: do not run your laptop battery completely flat!)

Laptop screen and battery replacements

Laptop power supply replacement

As for laptop power supplies, they do get lost or stolen. Or perhaps you’d like a second power supply for use at the office. Such convenience is worth the price from only R499.

Laptop power supplies

iPad, Galaxy Tab and other tablet PC screen replacements

At Essential IT Solutions, we also replace the screens for iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and some other tablet PCs – from R1 500, depending on the model.

If we have a screen for your model tablet PC in stock, we can replace it while you wait. (That is, except for Apple iPads because they are more complicated to replace.) Otherwise, it will be a next-day replacement.

iPad screen replacement

Call for info

It’s always best to check if we have a replacement for your model in stock or if we need to order it in. Feel free to call us on 021 853 4790.

Date: 05 Feb 2014