New Dot Matrix Printers

Dot Matrix printers are the stalwarts of companies, often printing thousands of pages day in and day out. They are simple and durable and tolerant to dust and heat, typical South African conditions. And, yes, you can still buy a brand new dot matrix printer from the Essential IT Solutions online shop in the Dot Matrix printer category.

Prices range from R1 869 for the OKI ML1120 9PIN 80-column dot matrix printer to, well, much more for the industrial-strength Epson DFX-9000N which is a 136-column dot matrix impact printer monster that can print a blindingly fast 1 550 characters per second. 

Modern dot matrix printers

Modern dot matrix printers comes with 9, 12, 18, 24, 27 or 48-pin heads. The most popular technology is the 9-pin, the double-9-pin and the 24-pin. Serial dot matrix printers are capable of anything from 50 to 550 cps while line matrix printers are capable of more than 1000 cps (printing about 800 pages per hour).

Modern dot matrix printers also are more attractive than those old models. Look at this OKI ML1120, for instance –

OKI ML1120 Dot Matrix Printer

OKI ML1120 specs

  • Character pitch: 10/12/15/17.1/20 pitch and proportional
  • Graphic resolution: Up to 240 x 216dpi
  • Print speed: Super Speed Draft: 375 (12cpi); High Speed Draft: 333 (all cpi); Utility: 250 (all cpi); Near Letter Quality: 62.5 (all cpi)

Point-of-Sales printers

Dot Matrix technology is used in Point-of-Sales printers where conditions are harsh, such as in factory shops or restaurant kitchens (where hot air and oils tend to smudge thermal paper). We do not always keep dot matrix point-of-sales printers in stock but certainly can get them for you on request.

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Dot Matrix networking

Many modern dot matrix printers are network capable, able to serve multiple workstations. This is ideal for an accountancy office or industrial work place.

For assistance to setting up your dot matrix network, do not hesitate to contact us on 021 853 4790.

Date: 06 Feb 2014