New HAVIT computer products

Essential IT Solutions now stock the new HAVIT range of computer products. These include keyboards, mouse, headphones and speakers.

Havit, established in 1998 in China, distributes products to over 160 countries. They continuously strive, as they put it, to “integrate technology with art and intelligence.”

By exchanging what we possess, we share the value beyond materials. For the world, possession means affluence, exchange leads to perfection, and sharing brings endless happiness.

They cap their concept off with a brilliant thought: I create, I possess, and I delight. HAVIT – ENJOY WHAT I HAVE. 

Havit products

Havit gaming mousepads

The Havit gaming mousepads are particularly nice. The top is made of a smooth silk fabric to allow fast mouse movement while the bottom have a rubber base to ensure that the mousepad stays in place even during extreme gaming.

And, just as important, they look real good. For example, like this model Havit MP810 G6 mousepad, now available in the Gaming Mousepads category:

Havit gaming mousepad

As always, we invite you to drop in at our store on 89 George Street, Strand or visit our online shop to view the new Havit range of computer products.

Date: 09 Jun 2014