Cellphone Accessories and More – September 2014 Month-end Specials

We now have even more cellphone and smartphone accessories for Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and Samsung phones, including accessories for the S3 Mini and the S4 mini.

Cellphone batteries costs from as little as R99, the popular power cases from only R249, and cellphone covers from as little as R30. The covers are available in various colours, designs and materials, including leather cases and flip-wallet metal cases.

If you own a Samsung Note 3 smartphone, you might have considered an extra battery kit or the silver wireless charging kit. We also have those available in the Smartphone Accessories category of our online shop. 

September 2014 Month-end Specials

Essential IT Solutions end-Sept 2014 specials

You’ll note from our September 2014 Month-end Specials ads and leaflets that we still have a few demo units left of the Lenovo 58E and Lenovo C440 computers. The Lenovo C440 All-in-One PC with its 21.5-inch multi-touch screen has been very popular; in fact, it has been one of the best-selling systems we’ve ever had. Normally the Lenovo C440 costs R7 699 but these demo units (with full 1-year carry-in warranty) costs only R5 499.

We have only one unit left of the very impressive Lenovo IdeaCentre B540. As previously mentioned –

The Lenovo IdeaCentre B540 All-in-One PC is one of those computer you have to see with your own eyes because that 23-inch high definition screen is something to behold.

The Lenovo Dynamic Brightness System adjusts brightness levels according to ambient light conditions, while the Lenovo Eye Distance System warns you if you’re sitting too close to the screen. And – check this out! – you can interact with the IdeaCentre B540 by using simple, intuitive gestures directly on the 23-inch screen.

In short, with all its media features and that fantastic screen the IdeaCentre B540 is a big, mean party machine!

Generic ink cartridges and toners

We’re keeping the prices on the generic ink cartridges and toners for Brother, Canon, Epson and HP printers as low as we possibly can. The ink cartridges cost from as little as R30 and the toners from as little as R199. Let us assure you, the quality is good – we use them for all our printing needs… and we print a lot!

e-cigarettes special

E-cigarettes (Electronic cigarettes)

It might have surprised you that we, as an IT business, started to include a range e-cigarettes and e-cigarette flavours in our adverts. (We also created an Electronic Cigarettes category on our online shop.) The reason is simple: although he quit smoking many year ago, Wiekus, the co-owner of Essential IT Solutions, remembers how difficult it was to stop smoking. When CapeVape approached him to stock their range of e-cigarettes and flavours, he immediately agreed. Since, we are happy to say that many customers are now ex-cigarette-smokers.

We even have specials available on the kits and flavours. If you’re keen on quitting smoking, give the e-cigarettes a try.

Please remember that e-cigarettes can be sold only to persons aged 18 or older. Also, please familiarize yourself with the health risks of electronic cigarettes: see Electronic cigarettes: Are they safer than tobacco?

Now that you ask!

“Anything else on special?”

Well, now that you ask, yes, we have many more computer items on special: see all the currently available SPECIALS on our online shop.

Date: 25 Sep 2014