AcuInk Generic Cartridges and AcuLazer Generic Toners

We stock AcuInk generic cartridges and AcuLazer generic toners. They are cheap but of high quality. In fact, we use these replacement cartridges and toners ourselves and hardly have any problems with them.

We would like you to get to know AcuInk  and AcuLazer printer consumables and have dropped our prices to the lowest possible point. The replacement cartridges for Canon, Epson, HP and other printers cost as little as R30 and the price on the toners start from as little as R179.

We also stock a wide variety of original cartridges and toners and have those on sale as well, as you’ll notice from our latest newsletter leaflet below.

AcuInk cartridges and AcuLazer toners

Please call us (021 853 4790) or email ([email protected]) or contact us online with your printer model number and we will quote you pricing on AcuInk generic cartridges and the AcuLazer generic toners.

You can also go to this cartridge help post on the Essential IT Solutions Facebook page (where you’ll see the below image).

Ink cartridge help on Facebook Essential IT Solutions

Date: 16 Oct 2014