Zalman Knossos ZM-GM4 Professional Laser Gaming Mouse

Here are the quick facts on the Zalman Knossos ZM-GM4 Professional Laser Gaming Mouse: 10 programmable buttons, 800-8200 DPI, 12.000 FPS, gold plated USB, ambidextrous layout, weighs 135g and has 6 extra weights.

It comes with its own exclusively developed software to customize DPI levels, X, Y-axis sensitivity, scroll wheel settings, and click rate according to your game needs.

This mouse actually comes with a special tool, which is stored inside the mouse, for making adjustments.

And, right now, it’s selling at only R855 in the Gaming Category of the Essential IT Solutions online shop. 

Zalman Knossos information

There’s a lot of information. As TweakTown explains in their excellent in-depth review of the Zalman Knossos ZM-GM4:

Not only is the name of this product long, but so is its list of features and specifications.

The official ZM-GM4 page has loads of really good pics that explain the workings of this mouse. You can also download the manual and software for it.

Zalman Knossos ZM-GM4 Professional Laser Gaming Mouse

Zalman ZM-GM4 Professional Laser Gaming Mouse Price

We have to mention it again: this feature-filled professional laser gaming mouse is now available at only R899. This is a great-looking mouse that will impress your friends.

Date: 21 Oct 2014