Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Dual Motor Force Feedback

Logitech supplies the G27 dual motor Force Feedback leather-wrapped Racing Wheel, the stainless steel petrol, brake, and clutch pedals, the 8-button gear shifter module, the power supply and user documentation – you just add your PC (or PlayStation) and your SIM racing driving talents.

Some time ago Mercedes asked, “If Mercedes Benz trucks are so expensive, why are there so many on the road?” You can say the same for the Logitech G27. It costs more than R4 000 but remains popular. This is the ultimate gift-to-self for any serious SIM racer. 

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Set

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Set features

  • Racing wheel:
    270 mm, leather-wrapped steering wheel.
    Range of rotation adjustable up to 900 degrees.
    2 force feedback motors.
    One set of gears between motors and wheel, including an anti-backlash design.
    2 paddleshifters.
    6 buttons.
    2.5 lock-to-lock wheel turn (same as in a real race car).
    Dual-motor force feedback with helical gears that produces less noise than the G25, and provides better steering response.
  • Set of stainless steel pedals:
    Accelerator. (light spring)
    Brake (heavy spring)
    Clutch. (medium spring)
    A carpet grip which keeps the pedals in position while playing.
  • Gear shifter unit:
    8 buttons.
    1 D-pad.
    Gear stick with a six-speed ‘H’ pattern gearbox. Reverse is selected by pressing down and changing to sixth.

Source: Wikipedia G27 page

Logitech G27 reviews

“The Logitech G27 comes highly recommended, if you’re in the market for a racing wheel and can afford the price tag, look no further.” – Derrick Cramer, MyGaming

“If you are serious about playing racing simulators I recommend a wheel like the G27 to get the precision you need for competitive racing.” – Obsolete Gamer

“The Logitech G27 is the greatest steering wheel I’ve ever used and worth every penny.” – John Williamson, True PC Gaming

“From the moment you crank up a racing sim and start driving with the G27, its build quality and operational refinement become stunningly apparent. The G27 feels and performs exactly as advertised.” – RacerGT, SIM HQ

“The pedals are fantastic. The wheel is quite the work of art, both inside and out.” – PlaySeat


The official Logitech G27 page

Where to buy

You can buy the Logitech G27 from the Gaming Gear category on the Essential IT Solutions online shop.

Date: 26 Nov 2014