Protect your electronic equipment against possible failure due to load shedding

After a load shedding power outage it is possible to get a spike in power when the electricity comes back and this can cause failure of your electronic equipment. Are you aware that almost all electronic manufacturers’ product warranty does not cover power spikes (surges)?!

You can protect your computers and other electronic equipment with a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This is a battery backup that automatically provides emergency power. 

A modern UPS features automatic voltage regulation that stabilizes the AC signal and maintains a safe voltage regulation. In other words, it protects your equipment against power fluctuations.

It also has a configurable audible alarm that warns of power surges and failures.

How long does UPS power last?

That, of course, depends on the size of the UPS and how many gadgets you’re running through it. The short answer is anything from 4 minutes to an hour or more.

Even if you run a small UPS that has a short battery life, it still will give you a warning of surges or outage and leave you with enough time to save your work and power down your computer.

How much does a UPS cost?

A 600VA UPS costs between 500 and 700 Rand. A 1000VA UPS will cost a little over R1 000. Specialized UPS server solutions and other big UPS models cost quite a bit more.  You can view all the UPS options in the UPS category of our online store.

CyberPower BU Series 600VA/360W Line Interactive Professional Series Tower UPS

There are lots of UPS models to choose from but we suggest you have a look at the CyberPower BU Series 600VA/360W Line Interactive Professional Series Tower UPS. It is well made, with a fireproof casing, and ideal for home or small business use. It also is well priced, at this time of writing costing only R539.

CyberPower BU Series 600VA UPS

What size UPS should I use?

Give us call on 021 853 4790, tell us what equipment you have and an Essential IT Solutions technician will tell you what size UPS will be right for you.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the Eskom load shedding site to prepare for the next outage in your area.

Date: 29 Jan 2015