Premium Tempered Glass Screen Guard for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

You may have noticed that we supply a number of nice accessories for smartphones and tablets. These include smartphone battery kits, data cables, docking stations, flip covers, Modica Wave covers, replacement screens and more.

We now also supply the Premium tempered glass screen guard for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S5, S5 Mini, S4, S4 Mini and S3 smartphones. They are made with high grade tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating, the highest rating for measuring stiffness. And they cost only R149

Premium tempered glass screen guard for iPhone 6

Premium tempered glass protection for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Premium tempered glass features

High grade tempered glass with 9H hardness rating
Only 0.33mm (0.01in) thin
Tapered edges provide enhanced profile
Reinforces critical impact points of device
Oleophobic coating resists marks and smudges
Protects entire screen
Allows touch sensitivity and enhances optical clarity
Easy installation without bubbling or lifting

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Date: 18 Feb 2015