Cheap Wireless Mouse

The choice between wired and wireless mouse used to come down to pricing but that has changed. Nowadays, you can get a good, new wireless mouse for just over R100.

We have a big range of wireless mouse from manufacturers Boabab, Canyon, Genius, Gigabyte. Lexmark and Logitech.

The Genius Traveler 6000Z features a 1000DPI (Dots per Inch) optical engine, it’s single AA battery lasts for up to 10 months, it has a contoured shape that is suitable for either hand (left or right) yet it costs only R109. 

Genius  Traveler 6000z wireless mouse

Canyon Wireless Mouse

The Canyon wireless mouse range includes the elegant, soft-touch 3-button CNS-CMSW3 model with an elongated low profile design. The buttons are covered with silver delicate graphics resembling snowflakes and the scrolling wheel is fringed by silver border. It weighs a mere 80 gram and costs only R159.

Canyon cns-cmsw3 wireless mouse

The Canyon CNS-CMSW5 is a 4-button wireless mouse with a 800 – 1280DPI optical engine with the DPi switch placed in the middle of the housing. This mouse costs R129.

This is a typical work horse mouse: it is covered with PU paint technology that provides a hygienic and easy to clean coating and this mouse works on just about any surface.

Canyon cns-cmsw5 wireless mouse
The Canyon CNS-CMSW4 is the sturdiest in the Canyon wireless mouse range. It is slightly higher and wider than the others and weighs 138 gram.

This is a 6-button wireless mouse (2 buttons are programmable) with a max resolution of 1280DPI. It features sensitivity switching and power saving technology.

The Canyon CNS-CMSW4 is available in Deep Blue and red and costs only R139.

Canyon cns-cmsw4 wireless mouse
All these models and others are available in the Wireless Mouse category of the Essential IT Solutions online shop.

Date: 16 Mar 2015