Essential IT Solutions Smart Devices Category

Wearable blood pressure monitor, smart pedometer and home lighting control via your smartphone. “Smart” is, indeed, the correct word for these gadgets and it is thus apt for us to add a new SMART DEVICES category to the Essential IT Solutions online shop.

The girls’ favourite? The Prestigio Smart Body Weight scale which measures your weight, stores the data and then sends it via bluetooth to your phone or tablet so that you can track your dieting progress. How cool is that?!

Male techie favourite? The home lighting control LED bulb which you can control (on/off or dimming) via a smartphone app. 

Prestigio Smart Home

The smart devices are equipped with the new Bluetooth® Smart technology and thus easy to set up and use. Gone – well, almost – are the days of plug-and-play; now it’s just switch on and everything else is automatic.

Date: 12 Mar 2015