Play, Eat Fast Food, Drink Beer… But DO NOT SMOKE!

According to the South African National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 16.4% of South Africans were smokers in 2012. According to a MyBroadband survey, 22% of IT professionals and techies smoke. What a shocker! On average, techies smoke more than the general public!

Imagine all those smoke particles falling onto your keyboard, damaging your screen, your motherboard… your health! And smoking stinks too!

It’s hard to kick the smoking habit. We know (as was admitted it at the bottom of this post). So, once again, we urge you to try to stop smoking. Or, in the least, rather try electronic cigarettes. They also contain nicotine but at least they have less other harmful chemicals and they don’t smell.  Update: Non-nicotine (0% nicotine) e-cig liquids now available from only R30.

We sell Cape Vape electronic cigarettes and various flavours online and in the Essential IT Solutions shop at 89 George Street, Strand, 7140. Try it, it will most likely cost you less than smoking cigarettes and, goodness, your office or study will smell a great deal better.

Cape Vape e-cigarettes and flavours

What about the fast food and beer? According to the mentioned MyBroadband survey, 65% of techies enjoy a tipple (Castle Lite being the favourite) and 78% enjoy fast food, Nando’s being the favourite, followed by KFC and Steers.

Date: 01 Mar 2015