Apple Covers and Accessories at Really Good Prices

Apple products are sexy, stylish and marvelously made. In all our years in the industry we are yet to meet someone who does not cast a second look at a sleek iPhone, the stunning MacBook Air or the impressive Dual GPU Mac Pro.

Quite rightly, they are rather pricey. Fortunately, covers and accessories for Apple products are not! The soft touch skin for the Mac Magic Mouse, for instance, costs only R28. A glass film screen cover for the iPhone 6 costs only R199 and the covers for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are available in various eye-catching colours.

JC Pal skin for Mac Magic MouseThese covers and skins are top quality. The JC Pal Glass Film protective cover is made of hardened glass and processed HC, which can both buffer any impact and protect your iPhone 6 (and 6/Plus) screen. It is anti-scratch and anti-glare and takes only 3 seconds to fit.

The JC Pal skin for the Mac Magic Mouse is a soft touch material that is also anti-bacterial. It attaches in seconds and can be used repeatedly. It is available in blue, green, orange and white.

We also have high quality JC Pal covers for the MacBook Air (11″ and 13″ Ultra Slim), the MacBook Pro (13″ and 15″) and the JCPal Retina MacBook Pro 15″ Three-in-One set (Top cover, Bottom Cover and Palm Guard), the latter, pictured below, priced at less than R300.

JC Pal Retina MacBook Pro 3-in-1 cover set

You paid a lot for your Apple Mac product. Keep it protected from the harsh, dusty conditions in our country (and from all those grubby hands that are keen to fondle your Apple). Head over right now to the Essential IT Solutions online shop for the Apple Covers and Accessories category.

Date: 29 May 2015