Lexar JumpDrive USB Flash Drive Multipacks

Too much of a good thing …? You know how the saying goes. Or, on the other hand, if one is good, two should be better!

Welcome to the Lexar JumpDrive multipacks. Two top quality flash drives at a very good price. Available in either 8 gig or 16 gig multipacks.

The Lexar JumpDrive V20 comes in a pack of two (2 x) 8GB USB2.0 flash drives, one in blue and one in orange colour, and sells for only R109. They’re real cute. Here’s a pic – 

Lexar JumpDrive V20 8GB 2x USB2 flash drives

The Lexar JumpDrive V20 has a feature which is very handy: it has a write on label. Jot down what you saved on the flash drive, such as music, movies or a particular set of data. No more need to stick various flash drives in the computer or laptop to check what’s on it.
Lexar JumpDrive V20 labelThe write on label on the Lexar JumpDrive V20 is so simple but very effective. We love it!

The JumpDrive V20 has a 2-year limited warranty and, as with all Lexar JumpDrive flash drives, V20 is compatible with both PC and Mac.

Lexar JumpDrive V50 2x 16GB multipack

The Lexar JumpDrive V50 is a multipack of two 16GB USB2.0 flash drives with sliding covers.

This is a real bargain at only R179 for the pack – only R89-50 per 16 gig flash drive.

Lexar JumpDrive S50 16GB 2x USB flash drives

The JumpDrive V50 flash drives also carry a 2-year limited warranty.

Lexar JumpDrive S23 16Gb SuperSpeed USB3.0 Flash Drive

We must admit, our favourite of the JumpDrive range is the S23 16GB SuperSpeed USB3.0. It has a Read Speed up to 95MB/s and Write Speed up to 14MB/s.

It is a slim, retractable design with a key ring. It is one of the smallest USB 3.0 flash drives available.

Lexar JumpDrive SS23 16GB SuperSpeed USB3.0 Flash Drive

It does not come in a multipack but here’s the crunch: at this time of writing, the 16GB Lexar JumpDrive costs only R119. That’s a darn good price for a 16 gig SuperSpeed USB3.0 flash drive, especially one with a 3-year warranty!

Lexar. When Memory Matters. 

When we introduced the Crucial memory for Mac computers we mentioned that Crucial is a brand of the massive American company Micron Technology. Well, Lexar is their flash drive and memory card brand. This is real top quality stuff. In fact, the WRC (World Rally Championship) uses Lexar memory cards to capture all their in-car videos as well as their other television material, as this video explains –


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Date: 03 Jun 2015