CyberPower Emergency Backup Power Solutions

Keep your electricity going during load shedding with a CyberPower emergency backup power unit. The wide range of backup power units cater for emergency power requirements for business premises or a home office.

CyberPower is an American company that offers lifetime warranties on its surge products and some of the highest Connected Equipment Guarantee warranties in the industry.

CyberPower Systems is the #2 UPS and Surge product manufacturer in the world by both units-sold and dollar-share. They have a solid ISO 9001 certified worldwide supply chain and we’re glad to be able to bring these quality backup power systems to the local market. 

As mentioned, there are a number of options available, ranging from a 600VA unit to the 7500VA/5250W Pro Tower inverter. We put together varying packages, with or without batteries. You can browse them in the CyberPower section of the Essential IT Solutions Backup Power category.

CyberPower emergency backup power systems

The CyberPower claim:

CyberPower Inverter/ Emergency Power System (EPS) utilize state-of-art Microcontroller technology for the supply of lighting, generator, heater, refrigerator, motor, and other apparatus to provide resources during crisis or failure of regular systems. Pure Sinewave output with the adjustable AVR feature is highly flexible to supply continuous power to various types of loads under all kinds of environments. The large LCD panel showcases comprehensive information including load level, battery level, voltage and other vital equipment status with a push-of-a-button.

The competitive design has not only make it the best choice generators but flexible enough to be adopted as UPS for computers and other sensitive equipments.

Features & Benefits:

  • Noiseless, Fuel and Maintenance Free
  • High Charging Current for Quick Recharging – Up to 5 times faster
  • Bypass Mode Allows for Charge Only
  • Generator Compatible Allows Longer Runtime
  • Unlimited Battery Expansion Capability to Increase Runtime
  • UPS Function for Auto-Changeover
  • Affordable DC Input Voltage- Minimum 4 x 12V battery required
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
  • Brownout and Over Voltage Protector
  • Wheel & Carry Handle Available
  • Small & Light in Dimension
  • Reverse Polarity Warning
  • Manual Switch
  • SNMP/HTTP Remote Management Capability

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Date: 16 Jul 2015