Essential IT Provides Solutions

You have kept up with the latest gadgets and computers – and so has Essential IT Solutions.

They continually update their equipment and knowledge to keep up with the service and repair requirements of the latest computer-related products.

This year, the business celebrates 10 years in service – a decade of radical change has been the order of the day for Essential IT Solutions.

Gone are the big, bulky machines. These have been replaced by attractive, nimble, compact smart phones, tablets, laptops and mini ATX systems. The word “big” is now found only in the features and performance of these nifty gadgets.

Repair Centre

The store has 15 work stations, which provide hardware and software solutions to their walk-in customers and business clients. If your computer or gadget is not at optimal performance or your smart phone or laptop screen cracked, their fundis will be able to fix your device.

They also offer on-site support to local businesses, with a technician visiting your business premises to sort out computer, printer or network problems.

Backup power solutions

Load shedding does not need to be part of your daily routine, thanks to small back-up power units for home-use.

These units will keep the lights, TV and the DSTV on during load shedding. They are affordable and easy to set up.

Businesses can tap into a range of emergency power solutions, whether for an office, a coffee shop, retail shop or manufacturing business.

You can keep your customers happy, the lights on and the tills ringing.

Brave new world

Over the past 10 years, Essential IT Solutions has noticed how computers have become embedded in everyday lives through cellphones, email, Facebook, video calls and online shopping. People are in constant contact with family, friends or the office thanks to these devices.

We live in a brave new world. There is, however, one thing which has not changed: the value of a smile of a happy customer.

Essential IT Solutions store front

Essential IT Solutions, 89 George Street, Strand, 7140, Ph 021 853 4790.

This article originally appeared in the Distrikspos newspaper and in the news section of their online edition.

Date: 31 Jul 2015