Essential IT Solutions Range of Products and Services

It looks like all fun and games when you browse the Essential IT Solutions online shop but we’d like to remind you that in addition to the wide range of hardware and software products, we also offer the following services –

  • Computer and laptop upgrades, repairs, virus removal and data recovery.
  • Online IT support and remote computer and networking support.
  • Data backup solutions, either within your own network or cloud based.
  • Emergency backup power solutions for the home or business.
  • Cost-saving telecom solutions, including IP PABX, hosted PABX and VoIP.
  • Healthcare information management systems.

computer repairsComputers, Upgrades and Repairs

When you visit the Essential IT Solutions store at 89 George Street, Strand, 7140 you’ll notice that the larger section of the store consists of work stations. These are our technical stations where upgrades and repairs are handled.

Two-thirds of our staff are dedicated to the technical and onsite support department (you may have noticed our branded support vehicle in the Helderberg and surrounding area). In short, if there is something wrong with your computer or laptop, bring it in. If you need network trouble-shooting at the office, give us a call on 021 853 4790.

Our computer and IT support rates are of the lowest in the industry and with a decade of experience behind us you are assured of value for money.

cloud storageData backup solutions

You live in an inter-connected world. You are connected to other people and likely to the office as well. You probably have lots of data, photos, music and videos. So much that you might have an increasing and urgent demand for extra storage space.

Some of our biggest sellers are large flash drives (32GB and 64GB) and big external and portable hard drives (usually 1TB and more), confirming the demand for extra storage space.

Most modern portable HDDs include auto-backup features and we recommend that you consider one for your home use. However, if you run a business from home, we recommend a home network or cloud backup solution.

A good backup solution to a home network consists of an external HDD connected to your home network, set up to sync automatically with all your (or you family’s) computers and/or devices, including the image folder of your smartphone. You walk into the house, the signal is picked up and the work or photos you gathered during the day is automatically backed up via your router. And, yes, we can set that up for you safely and securely.

For the larger home office or business, we suggest a NAS (Network Attached Storage) bay. It is a bay of backup hard drives with backup technology built into it. It is slightly more involved to set up but we’ll gladly assist you with that as well.

Cloud storage is becoming ever more easier and cheaper. Starting from as little as R200, this is an automated solution you should consider over and above your local backup solution and for your online data or website. Give us call, we’ll explain how easy it is.

Smart backupEmergency backup power solutions

In our country, electricity spikes and interrupted supply is a reality. Consider this: Manufacturer warranties DO NOT cover damage caused by power spikes! Consider worse: losing important data due to spikes or outages!

The solution is emergency backup power supplies, either UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or EPS (Emergency Power System). There are a number of models available and if you’re not sure which one will meet with your requirements, give us call.

pbx systemCost-saving telecom solutions

Did you know that you can have a hosted PABX service? That is the services of a PBX without the expensive outlay of traditional PABX hardware.

In addition, with the use of IP PBX or sim routers you can cut your monthly call costs by a huge margin. And we really mean HUGE.

For more information, give us call. If you’re calling from a cell phone, save money by dialing us on 083 900 7557.

Healthcare information solutions

As we mention on the Healthcare Information Solutions page on our corporate site –

In a real hospital there is more drama than ER ever had, more critical moments than in Critical, more challenges than you’ll ever see in Code Black, and more complications than in Grey’s Anatomy. In real hospitals, real medical professionals rely on modern healthcare information and management systems to meet the real challenges.

Modern healthcare information systems provide immediate and total information solutions right through from point-of-care medical panel computers to PACS (picture archiving and communication system) to the medical professional’s tablet PC or smartphone.

For detailed information, please call us.

healthcare information system

We also offer…

Generic ink cartridge savingsCheap generic cartridges

In addition to the above products and services, we pride ourselves with being able to supply quality generic printer ink cartridges at extremely low cost, either in single units or in bulk. In fact, we do not know of anyone who can supply it cheaper than we do. Cartridges cost from as little as R25 per unit. And remember, we ship nationwide. See the wide range of cheap generic cartridges.

These cartridges are of good quality. We know: we’ve been selling them for years and we use them in our own business too.


Here at Essential IT Solutions we have a fantastic point-of-sales-to-online-shop setup.

This system saves us a lot of time and money and, in addition, significantly reduces stock and pricing errors.

It works like this:

  1. When stock is delivered, we scan them into the system and they are automatically uploaded to the online shop.
  2. A lot of our online stock is delivered via a web service directly into our point-of-sales system and automatically and immediately is available on our online shop.

It is a truly modern, smart system. [And, yes, our whole system is on an automated backup routine.]

If you’re interested in a similar point-of-sales system, we’ll gladly explain it: 021 853 4790.

Solutions Synergy

From the above you’ll notice that we provide complete solutions synergy: hardware, software, data backup, power backup, cost-saving telecoms and after-sales support and onsite support.

They all go hand-in-hand and can be tailored to the requirements of a home-based business or a larger business. And when you add the POS-online-shop solution, you have a Business-in-a-Box.

Laastens maar verseker nie minstens nie!

Ons praat Afrikaans. Vir meer inligting oor die bovermelde produkte en dienste of vir ‘n volledige Afrikaanse verduideliking daarvan, skakel ons gerus op 021 853 4790.

Date: 06 Oct 2015