Scary Low Prices – Get Your Game On!

The holiday season is almost here and, let’s guess, you’re also planning to treat yourself with some quality gaming time.

First things first: get your gaming gear up to speed. We have marked down prices on hard drives, SSDs, graphics cards, power supplies and coolers.

1. For hardware, go to the (uhm, obviously) Hardware category and choose a subcategory.

2. For gaming controllers, keyboards, mouse and accessories, head over to the Gaming Gear category.

Quick tip: when you land on a category page, click the “Show All” button to the right and do a quick scan to see the red “Sale” banner and/or the “Reduced price!” in red. For instance, reduced price items on the Graphics Card category page looks like this:

Graphics cards reduced price example

Scary Low Prices

As mentioned, we’ve marked down a number of items and even complete gaming PCs. Here are a few examples of some more Scary Low Prices:

Essential IT Scary Low Prices Nov 2015

Please note that the Scary Low Prices are valid while stocks last. And remember, you don’t need a credit card to buy on the Essential IT Solutions online shop – all payments are via EFT; it’s safe and secure.

For more info, do not hesitate to call use on 021 853 4790 or skype us on essentialstrand.

Date: 28 Oct 2015