Back in the saddle for 2016

We trust that you had a great festive season and wish you all the best for 2016.

At Essential IT Solutions, we are back in the saddle; re-charged and ready for the action.

Talking of “re-charged,” we noticed over the holidays that smartphone power banks were high in demand. As phones and tablets get faster and apps get more advanced, battery life gets under pressure. The easy answer to extending usage time is, of course, the power bank.

You’ll find a number of power bank solutions in the Smartphone Accessories category. One particular power bank we’d like to point out is the Adventech 20 000mAh available in blue and black. This model has dual USB 1A and 2A inputs, an LED indicator light and it includes a multi adapter cable – all for the bargain price of R399 while stocks last.

Advantech 20000mAh Power Bank

2016 – the year ahead

There’s an old Chinese saying, “To predict is difficult, especially about the future.” Even so, if the newspapers and wise ones have it right, in political and economical sense 2016 will be a very challenging year in South Africa. We endeavour to work even harder and to keep prices as low as possible.

This year should see some fantastic new advances in computer technology. We expect to see faster CPUs, faster motherboards, faster hard drives, bigger flash memory, new mobile technology and new developments in wireless communications. It is with excitement that we’re keeping an eye on the 2016 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) which opens on 6 January in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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It’s good to be back in saddle!

Date: 04 Jan 2016