Choice of 4 Lightweight Wireless Computer Mouses

Before we begin, the correct plural for a computer mouse is discussed below.

We give you a choice of 4 lightweight wireless computer mouses. They have similar features but they differ in one very important manner: how each one fits in your hand.

Considering how much time you have a computer mouse in your hand, it is absolutely important that the structure of the mouse fits perfectly into your palm. If you have long fingers, the profile of the mouse should not be too low. On the other hand – yes, that was a pun – if you have small hands, as ladies often have, you would probably prefer a smaller mouse or at least a mouse with a low profile.


Other than the actual design, all these mouses (or is it “mice” or “mouse”?) share the following features –

  • lightweight
  • 3-button: left-click button, right-click button and top scroll wheel
  • includes the USB wireless receiver
  • operates on the 2.4GHz frequency
  • wireless range over 8 metres
  • DPI range from 800 up to 1200
  • requires 2x AAA batteries (included)
  • On-Off switch
  • Plug-and-Play on Windows operating systems
  • all are covered by a 1 year warranty

The prices are stated in the headings, just above the mouse pic. You’ll notice that they all are very keenly priced.

Take a look at each mouse. You’ll clearly see the profile of the mouse to determine which one would most likely be the most comfortable fit for your hand.

CANYON Mouse CNS-CMSW3 Wireless Mouse Black – R119


Speedlink JIGG Wireless Mouse- R129


Genius Traveler 6000Z Wireless MS Black – R149

Genius Traveler 6000Z Wireless Mouse

Baobab Delta 2.4GHZ BlueLight Mouse – Blue – R159


Which lightweight mouse to choose?

Which one is the best? They’re all fairly similarly priced so the choice would come down to, as said, the shape of your hand and, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, your design preference.

If you like a low-profile mouse, you’ll like the Canyon.

If you prefer a mouse with a gentle top slope, you will like the Speedlink JIGG. You’ll notice that its sides are slightly curved for even narrower thumb-to-pinky width.

If you prefer a compact mouse with an arched profile, the Genius should suit you fine. It is the shortest mouse in this group but please note that still is slightly bigger than micro mouses.

If you prefer a mouse to have a higher profile (a taller mouse), you’ll like the Baobab.

Wireless Mouse Category

You’ll find all these lightweight mouse and other, bigger mouses in the Wireless Mouse category of the Essential IT Solutions online shop.

Mouse, Mouses or Mice?

What is the plural for a computer mouse?

Well, there is no official ruling but since (computer) mouse is the acronym for “manually-operated user-select equipment,” technically-speaking the plural should be “mouse.” But that plural is hardly used. Most people refer to a multiple of this computer device as “mouses” and even more commonly as “mice.” Even the Oxford Dictionary gives the plural as either mice or mouses. Google has more results for “computer mice” than “computer mouses”, indicating that more people search and use for the “mice” variant.

In Afrikaans is dit darem bietjie makliker: dis ‘n rekenaarmuis (een woord) en die meervoud is rekenaarmuise (ook een word).

Nog makliker is om een te kies in die Koordlose Rekenaarmuis kategorie.

Date: 24 Jan 2016