Microsoft Ends Support For Windows 8 and Old Versions Of Internet Explorer

Microsoft ended support for Windows 8 and the old versions of Internet Explorer, including Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10. This means that these programmes are no longer secure. You will need to update your OS and browser.

No need to panic! Upgrading is very easy.

If your computer is running on Windows 7 or 8.1, you can upgrade for FREE to Windows 10, the latest version of the Windows operating system.

Upgrading to Windows 10

If you have been using your computer to connect to the Internet you may have seen the Windows 10 notification in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Click on the icon and a window will pop up; and then simply follow the instructions.

Windows 10 launch

Please note that this is a major operating system update thus is quite bulky – approximately 3 gigabyte in size. If you’re doing the update through your mobile phone connection, please note the costs involved. If you’re updating over an ADSL connection, please ensure that your Internet contract allows for such a big download.

If you don’t feel like doing the update yourself or do not have enough data on your contract for the update or if you’re not connected to the Internet you can bring your computer or laptop in to the Essential IT Solutions technical centre for a complete update. (Please note that while Windows 10 is free, there is a service fee involved when updated by our technicians.) You can find us at 89 George Street, Strand, 7140.

This upgrade is particularly important if you do Internet banking, especially from the office. Usually, it is almost impossible to release a computer from the office – for workload or security reasons – in which case you can call on the services our technicians for onsite support: 021 853 4790.

Upgrading from XP or Vista

If your computer still runs on Windows Vista or XP or even an even older version of Windows it is most likely that the computer itself requires an update to comply with the minimum requirements of Windows 10 :

a 1GHz or faster processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB hard drive space and a graphics processor (either on chip or on card) that handles DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 1.0 driver.

If the requirements are met, consider purchasing Windows 8.1 – it is cheaper than Windows 10 – and then do the free upgrade. But please note, Windows 8.1 is subject to availability.

Programme Compatibility

Windows 10 is backward compatible with most programmes written for the Windows platform, even older programmes. You can set the programme Windows compatibility by right-clicking on the execution file of the programme (the icon), then choose “Compatibility” and choose the correct version.

Upgrading Internet Explorer

Microsoft EdgeWhen you upgrade to Windows 10, you’ll automatically get the latest version of the Microsoft Browser, called Microsoft Edge. Your old bookmarks will automatically be transferred to the new browser.

If you prefer to stay on Windows 8.1 (at your own risk!) you should still upgrade your old Internet Explorer browser to version 11. [Support for Windows 7 has ended but you can still get Internet Explorer 11 here.] Alternatively, rather use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

In all, though, we strongly suggest upgrading your operating system altogether. Windows 10 and the Edge browser are faster, more secure and much friendlier to use.

After the upgrade – and presuming your computer meets the upgrade requirements – your old PC will feel like and look like new.

For more information, do not hesitate to call us on 021 853 4790. We provide essential IT solutions.

Date: 15 Jan 2016