Leap Day On-The-Spot Discounts

2016 is a Leap Year and today, the 29th of February, is Leap Day. An extra day in the year is always welcome because, of course, it’s an extra shopping day 🙂

If you’re in the market for a high-end motherboard or graphics card, then today is a good day to visit Essential IT Solutions. The reason: on-the-spot discounts on all the products on display.

The on-the-spot discounts are available on ALL the products. You walk in, point at what you want, the sales person will give you an immediate discount on the price tag, and you’ll walk out smiling and wishing there were more leap days in a year!

Here are a few pics to show just a small sample of the products on display.

Leap Day discounts 2016 4

As mentioned, it’s just a small sample displayed here in the pics. For instance, graphics cards on the other racks include a very nice EVGA GeForce GTX750Ti priced at R3 179… before your discount.

Leap Day discounts 2016 2

The CPUs on display include i3s and i5s. The motherboards include an MSI H97 Gaming3, MSI Z97S SLI KRAIT Edition and Socket 1151 mobos.

Leap Day discounts 2016 3

You see the H110M Pro-VHL Socket 1150 mobo in the pic? You’ll clearly see the price tag marked at R1 499. That’s before the on-the-spot discount; come in and be nicely surprised. (Hint: R1 2xx.)

Leap Day discounts 2016 4

We have a lot of RAM and hard drives on display. The HDDs range from 500 gig to 3 terabyte in size. There are internal SATA drives, external SATA and 2.5″ drives.  We also have SSDs on display… ready for on-the-spot discounts.

There are just too many products to mention here, but included are all kinds of cables, adapters and connectors, add-on cards, cartridges, cell phone covers, DVD RWs, power banks, monitors, speakers, keyboards, mouse, inverters, etc.

On-the-spot discounts, only on Leap Day, only at Essential IT Solutions, 89 George Street, Strand, 7140.

For more info, call us on 021 853 4790.

Date: 29 Feb 2016