Refurbished Desktops And Laptops Can Save You Thousands

The man has spoken and they say we must grin and bear it. This is talking about Pravin Gordhan’s 2016 budget for South Africa.

Well, “Honourable Speaker Mister President, Mr Deputy President, Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers,” Mr Gordhan and fellow South Africans, we present a solution and “we do so in a spirit of frankness, both about our challenges and the opportunity to turn our economy’s direction towards hope, confidence and a better future for all.”

We “have a simple message. We are strong enough, resilient enough and creative enough to manage and overcome our economic challenges.”

Essential IT Solutions offers you and your business the opportunity to save thousands with refurbished desktops and laptops. Each of these budget-friendly famous brand (Dell and Lonovo) desktops and laptops comes with good specifications, ample storage and each carry a worthy warranty.

Lenovo M93P refurbished

“We are resilient, we are committed, we are resourceful. We know how to turn adversity into opportunity.”

Lenovo T520i refurbished

“In the numbers, Honourable Speaker, there are indicators that an economic turnaround is possible if we build confidence and make the right choices.”

Lenovo T530i refurbished

“We are conscious of the difficulties we face. Our resilience as a nation [or family or company –ed] can propel us to a better future if we make the right choices.”

Dell Latitude E5410 refurbished  Dell Latitude E6410 refurbished

“It requires bold and constructive leadership in all sectors, a shared vision, a common purpose, and the will to find common ground. Above all we need action, not just words.”

Dell Latitude E6220 refurbished Dell Latitude E6240 refurbished Lenovo T420i refurbished

“The combination of multiple demands and constrained resources at times seems overwhelming. How does the state do we deal with such complexity? What should we prioritise?”

We shall start to increase productivity with the use of a larger screen since research has shown time-and-again that using a larger monitor 1) increases insight into data, 2) allows more time for primary tasks and 3) decreases stress levels and provide better solutions.

HP 22-inch LCD refurbished

“We are resilient. We are committed. We are resourceful.”

Refurbished desktops and laptops

You will find some of these deals online in the Refurbished category but if any of the above items you are interested in are not displayed online, please give us a call. Please note too, it is best to confirm stock availability by calling Essential IT Solutions on 021 853 4790.

For the record, here’s the full 2016 budget speech.

Date: 25 Feb 2016