Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protection for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Modern smartphones are quite hardy. They can take a few knocks and sometimes even survive a drop. BUT it usually is the screen that comes off second best in a knock or drop. That is why tempered glass screen guards are popular.

Tempered glass is a clear, thin, hardened glass. In fact, it has a claimed 9H hardness rating on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Let’s explain:

Mohs hardness rating

Glass with a hardness rating below 5H scratches easily. Now, while smartphone manufacturers usually do not state the hardness rating of the screens they use, tests show that is in the region of 5.5H for most phones and up to 7H for high end phones. (Gorilla Glass has a Mohs hardness rating of around 7.) That means the screen won’t scratch easily… but it could still get scratched or damaged if it accidentally is knocked on directly or dropped onto a rough surface or gets scraped at an angle.

And that’s why you might be interested in a 9H rated tempered glass protector for your smartphone. How strong is 9H? Consider, the hardness is a diamond on the Mohs scale is 10H, so 9H is pretty strong.

Premium tempered glass protection for Samsung Galaxy Tab3Tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy Tab3

Now, please keep in mind that the harder the glass protector is the less likely the chances are of it ending up with scratches but it can still break. Even with a 9H rated glass protector, you still need to handle your phone with care.

Tempered Glass Screen Guard Features

High grade tempered glass with 9H hardness rating
Tapered edges provide enhanced profile
Reinforces critical impact points of device
Oleophobic coating resists marks and smudges
Protects entire screen
Allows touch sensitivity and enhances optical clarity
Easy installation w/o bubbling or lifting
Only 0.33mm thick

Samsung Galaxy S6 tempered glass screen protector

Tempered Glass Screen Guard Prices

Firstly, we have tempered glass screen guards available for most Samsung Galaxy A and S models, Galaxy Tab models, and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Prices range from only R149 for the tempered glass guard for the Galaxy S4 to R300 for the iPhone 6 Plus. Come to think of it, it really is only a fraction of the the price of the phone itself and thus truly a worthwhile investment.

To see the available tempered glass screen guards, point your browser to the Smartphone Accessories category on the Essential IT Solutions online shop.

Date: 06 Mar 2016