Refurbished Laptops And Computers – New Stock

Ever since 9/12 there has been a renewed interest in refurbished laptops and computers. The reason is simple: value for money.

To refresh your memory, “9/12” refers to the date (9/12/15) when Zuma fired Nene as Finance Minister – Nenegate – and caused the value of the Rand to drop dramatically. The result is a huge pressure on the prices of imported goods, such as laptops and computers. The items that were held locally (such are the refurbished laptops and computers) are affected by the high inflation but, in large, held their price to a fair degree.

With the renewed interest there is high demand but we’ll keep on searching for the best deals. Such as these:

Refurbished laptops

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Refurb laptops March 2016 3

Refurb laptops March 2016 2

Refurb laptops March 2016

Refurbished computers

Refurb computers March 2016

Refurb computers March 2016 2

Specs and warranties

You’ll notice that the specs are given in the images. If browsing this post on a mobile phone, the specs are stated on the category landing page of the online shop.

All units carry a 6 months warranty.

Free upgrade to Windows 10

All these units come with a Windows 7 Professional license. That means you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free for as long as Microsoft provides it free.

Stock availability

As mentioned, the demand for refurbished units laptops and computers are high. They sell out quickly. If you can’t find it on our online shop, don’t despair: we might still be able to get our hands on a unit or two. Best is to call us for stock availability: 021 853 4790.

Date: 23 Mar 2016