Save Up To 80% On Generic Cartridges And Toners

Did you know that you can save up to 80% on generic printer ink cartridges and toners?

If you’ve shopped at Essential IT Solutions, followed this blog or followed us on our Facebook page or  @essentialpc you’ll know that over the years we have been offering generic cartridges and generic toners at exceedingly low prices. But every so often we are able to slash the prices even further! And now is such time!

To see the latest prices, follow the given links or click on the images.

Save on generic toners

Save on generic toners 1

Quality generic cartridges and toners

When you compare the prices of the originals with the generics you’ll notice the big difference and might question the quality. Allow us to repeat what we’ve been saying for years: these are good quality generics. In fact, we’ve been using them ourselves for years… and so have many of our customers.

Please note that we also offer bulk deals on generic cartridges and toners. These are, in particular, ideal for home businesses and companies.

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Date: 22 Mar 2016