Choosing a power bank for your smartphone

Can’t do without your phone, can you? Neither can we and the 2 billion other people who also own a smartphone and the other 2,2 billion people who use cell phones. 40% of people suffer from nomophobia, the fear of being without your smartphone. In fact, more than 80% of young people say that their phone never ever leaves their side.

On average, people check or use their smartphone more than 50 times a day during 15 waking hours, tapping or swiping more than 2 600 times. 68% of that use, according to a Harvard Business Review report, happens at home listening to music, watching videos, planning, playing and using apps.

How people really use mobile


Those 50 times mentioned equate to approximately 3 hours a day touching the smartphone screen. Heavy users spend almost 5 hours a day on their phones, interacting on average 132 times with their phone. Super users, the top 10% of smartphone users, tap or swipe their screens more than 5 000 times a day! Yes, they’re literally are on the phone all day.

Now you know why smartphone battery life constantly is an issue and why having a power bank makes sense.

Choosing a power bank for your smartphone

All modern power banks are USB powered thus compatibility with a smartphone is not an issue. The considerations rather would be:

  1. price
  2. looks
  3. power bank capacity

1. Power bank prices

The power banks sold by Essential IT Solutions are extremely keenly priced, starting from as little as R169 for the 2600mAh Romoss Sailing 1. At this time of writing, the 13000mAh Romoss Sailing 5 costs only R449.

romoss-sailing-5-13000mah-power-bankThe bargain of the pack at the moment is the 20000mAh Advantech power bank. It’s slim, attractive, has a flash light and is available in silver, gold, blue, black or white.


2. Power bank design

When it comes to looks, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, but we found that many people prefer a power bank to be more-or-less the same colour as their smartphone.

ultronic-magic-power-stackable-mobile-powerbankUltronic 2000mAh stackable power banks

We also find that people like the size of their power banks to be more-or-less the same size or slightly smaller as their smartphone. The Romoss Polymos 10 Air, for instance, is an ultra thin, ultra light 10000mAh power bank that is popular with iPhone users (4.7 full charges on iPhone 6) – and it costs only R339.



3. Power bank capacity

Are you a heavy app user? How often does your smartphone battery go flat? Perhaps you need a power bank just for emergency standby.

Power bank capacities vary from around 2000mAh (two thousand milliampere-hour) to 20000mAh (twenty thousand milliampere-hour). To put this in perspective, the battery capacity on a Samsung Galaxy S6 is 2550mAh, on an iPhone 6 it is 1810mAh and on a Sony Xperia M4 Aqua it is 2400mAh while the battery in the Nokia Asha 201 has a capacity of 1430mAh. In short, even the smaller power banks provide ample extended usage for your cell phone or smartphone.

Essential IT Solutions power banks

You’ll find images and dimensions of the power banks supplied by Essential IT Solutions in the Smartphone Accessories category of our online shop or, if you prefer, on Essential IT BidorBuy pages.

Date: 08 Sep 2016