Low prices to cool you down

Summer is here and we are going to need some cooling down. So, to bring down the effect of the heat and to bring down the heart rate we brought down prices.

While stocks last, we brought down the prices on Apacer flash drives and memory cards, MicroLab speakers, AMD PC bundles and refurbished laptops and PCs.

1. Apacer flash drives and memory cards

Founded two decades ago, Apacer is a world player in the digital storage industry, with offices and distribution all around the world. This Taiwanese brand of flash media is popular with our customers because they are good products at good prices.

Now is also a good time to stock up on memory cards for the coming holiday season. Also, we don’t know how the currency will do when the wounded buffalo starts charging. So, take the opportunity now to buy at low prices.

The Apacer 8GB flash drives or memory card are only R69 each. The 64GB flash drive now costs only R249.

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2. MicroLab speakers

To quote their Wikipedia entry: Founded in 1998, Microlab was a joint venture invested by International Microlab Blue Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Microlab Technology Inc.

Microlab’s product line passes the Great Wall certification on February 2000 and the British NQA of ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification on January 2002.

Impressive! But, of course, the proof is in the eating. Take either the MicroLab M108 or MicroLab M109 speaker system, plug it in, turn up the volume, look at the marked down price and smile. This is good sound at a good price.

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3. Dell E6430 i5 refurbished laptop

Dell is the most popular laptop brand in the country, with good reason. Dell laptops are attractive, well made and have good performance. This refurbished Dell laptop is covered by a 6-months carry-in warranty.

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4. Lenovo i3 refurbished PC

Nicely specced and very nicely priced, this is the ideal desktop computer for home use.

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5. Lenovo i5 refurbished PC

If you need a bit more than the i3 mentioned above, have a look at the i5 version. For just a little more, you get a fully licensed PC with 8 USB ports and, of course, that fast Intel i5 2400S 2.5GHz processor.

Online shop category: Refurbished Desktops


6. AMD PC bundles

Just a few days ago we explained the AMD PC bundles in full, with detailed specs and reviews. We assembly these bundles ourselves thus can continue to offer them while the components are available at current prices.


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Essential IT Solutions Repair Centre

We’d like to remind you of the Essential IT Solutions Repair Centre. Not only do we fix computers and laptops but from here we also do call-outs to local businesses.


To take advantage of these cool prices, point your browser to the Essential IT Solutions online shop or call us during office hours at 021 853 4790. We look forward to be at service.

Date: 29 Oct 2016