Sparkfox Madcatz FightPad Pro gamepad for PlayStation

Sparkfox, the game peripheral producer, was established in 2010 by a group of professional gamers. They thought that six action buttons on a gamepad are great, but sometimes a fast gamer needs a couple more and built two more buttons plus a utility switch into their Madcatz Streetfighter FightPad Pro.

With the utility switch you can create different configurations of trigger and shoulder button functionality. This frees you to focus on character control with your left hand, and easily access all eight action buttons with your right.

Sparkfox Madcatz controller switchupSparkfox Madcatz controller switchup

The Sparkfox Madcatz Streetfighter FightPad Pro controller is available in black, blue, red and white – see them in the Gaming Controllers category.

The controls are arranged in genuine six-button arcade layout anchored by a fighting-style D-Pad and multi-purpose analogue stick.

The touchpad controls allows touch, press and swipe with full touchpad functionality for PlayStation 4 systems. You can play all PS4 touchpad-enhanced fighting games with the FightPad Pro.

FightPad PRO has you covered whether you prefer a DPad or analogue stick. Dual-purpose switch lets stick work as left or right analogue to give you more control and gameplay options.

The FightPad Pro fits all play styles: Flip a switch to swap functionality of triggers and shoulder buttons. Play with a traditional top button layout, or access all 8 action buttons with your right hand.

At almost 800 smackers, these are not cheap gamepads but the price is worth the investment if you spend a lot of time playing on your PlayStation 3 or 4. Point your browser now to the Gaming Controller category.

Date: 06 Sep 2017