Year-End Savings

Here at Essential IT Solutions we ring out the old year with a Year-End Savings sale.

Speed it up! With a Solid State Drive.

A Solid State Drive reads and writes data 5.5x faster than a normal hard drive. That’s a huge performance increase for a relatively small investment.

Come grab yourself one of the last-in-stock internal SSDs that is now on sale. Choose between the Adata 3D Ultimate 120GB SSD, Apacer AS350 Panther 120GB SSD, Crucial BX500 240GB SSD or the Seagate ZA500CM10002 Barracuda 500GB SSD.

An SSD is a 2.5-inch drive size meaning you can also use it to speed up your laptop. Or use it in an external bay (hard drive enclosure).

Or take that bargain refurbished demo desktop computer and add a SSD that is on sale to it. That’ll be a double bargain!

Refurbished laptop stock

When you head over to our Refurbished Laptops category you’ll notice only a few items because of a near sold out situation. These laptops fly off the rack. So, have a quick browse to catch the Year-End Savings.

Year-End Savings on Printer Ink Cartridges

If you printed your own Christmas and other greeting cards or gift cards this festive season you are probably looking at topping up your printer ink. Well, now is a very good time because there are massive year-end savings on printer ink cartridges, which you’ll find in the Cartridge Sale category.

Cool it!

Did you spoil yourself this Christmas with a new motherboard, faster CPU, bigger graphics card and/or more hard drives? Perhaps a snazzy-looking new gaming chassis?

Remember, we live in a hot, dry country. When you up the performance of your PC you’ll most likely need to up the cooling with extra case fans.

Well, in this regard, you can never have too much cooling. The good thing is that they are cheap: R49 for an 80mm fan and only R89 for a 120mm case fan.

Talking of gaming! It’s been a busy festive season but there are a few gaming keyboards, mouse and headsets in stock. Before they’re sold, browse for the gaming gear year-end savings in the Specials category.

Date: 30 Dec 2019