Coronavirus 21-day lockdown

Notice: Coronavirus 21-day lockdown 27 March until 30 April.

The Essential IT Solutions store is closed. Our online shop is operational but please note that we will not be able to deliver any products until after 30 April.

Remote Desktop support available

If you need technical support for your computer or laptop during the Coronavirus lockdown period, please call or whatsapp 081 395 8776 or book directly. Learn more on the Technical Support page.

We use AnyDesk and other trusted remote desktop support software to – with your permission – log into your computer or laptop to fix technical problems, network issues or clear viruses. The technician does not visit your premises; you will safe at your place while the technician will work from his place. You will be able to follow all the steps on your screen.

Before we can log into your computer, you will need to send us the unique code that is generated by the support software; much like a bank OTP verification code. This code only allows the technician to access to your operating system and files, NOT to any of your online services (Facebook, Twitter, bank, etc.).

This service costs R200 per hour (usually more than enough time) or R840 for 3 hours, payable through EFT. You are welcome to call or whatsapp from early morning to early evening: 081 395 8776.

Date: 27 Mar 2020