Computer plus screen power promotion

What is better than a good computer? Answer: a good computer plus a big screen!

The bigger the screen, the more likely your work efficiency will increase.

A bigger screen is ideal for when working on spreadsheets, especially when you need more than one spreadsheet open at a time and particularly if you deal with lots of columns in each of those spreadsheets.

Almost needless to mention, a bigger computer screen also is ideal for editing videos or photo collages.

But since all work and no play makes for a dull day, obviously a bigger screen is so better for watching videos and, of course, playing games.

While the 19-inch and 20-inch computer monitors have been our biggest sellers for a while we have noticed an increase in demand for bigger screens as – since customers mention it – more people now work from home.

Good computer plus 23.6-inch screen

For this promotion, we have paired various refurbished and part-refurbished famous brand i3- and i7-powered personal computers with new Philips 23.6-inch monitors.

Each of the computers have ample processing power and ample RAM while the Philips 243V5QHABA/73 monitor delivers full HD performance on an optimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz and 250 cd/m² brightness.

The only thing NOT big in this promotion is the price 🙂

Computer plus big screen power promotion

Western Digital Sold State Drives

You’ll notice that some of the computers in this promotion already are equipped with a SSD but for the others – and if you would prefer a larger SSD – we now have Western Digital SSDs on promotions (also features in the above leaflet).

Both the Western Digital Green series and Blue series internal SSDs as well the superfast M.2 Green and Blue range are now on offer in various sizes and at very keen prices.

Considering the pressure on the value of the Rand and considering that these drives are imported at dollar value, right now is a good time to upgrade to a SSD.

Inverter and battery

Talking of pressure! Lockdown is not yet completely over and the dreaded loadshedding has been brought back. Honestly, if your budget allows, consider getting a inverter plus battery backup system so that you can continue to work while the power is out. In the least, consider acquiring a UPS. And, again, do so while it is still affordable.

Getting it the easy way

So, there you have it. If your budget allows, the time to buy is NOW. You’ll get a good personal computer at a good price, with a big computer screen to increase your work (or fun) flow, plus the option to grab a SSD on promotion price AND the opportunity to get a backup power system while stocks are available.

Here’s a remind that we accept payment by RCS and you can apply for the mobicred credit facility, spreading your payments over 12 months (another good choice while the interest rates are low).

All you have to do now, is point your browser to Promotions.

Date: 24 Aug 2020