Remote computer technical support

Worried about COVID when leaving home or the office? You don’t have to leave your office or home to get computer technical support on your computer or laptop. Essential IT Solutions provides remote computer support through either the AnyDesk or TeamViewer platforms.

Both are highly secure; your personal data or sensitive business data will not be exposed; these platforms allow only you to share the sections on your computer which you want to allow access to.

Standard technical support fees apply, usually around R200 per hour. Our technicians work quick; your computer or network problems will be sorted out in a jiffy.

More info availabe on the Technical Support page. Or contact us online or, for even quicker response, reach us on Whatsapp or Telegram on 081 395 8776.

Essential IT Solutions remote computer technical support

Answers to questions usually asked about remote computer technical support

What is required?

  1. Internet access
  2. A copy of AnyDesk or TeamViewer on your computer or laptop. We will provide your with download links. Setup is quick and easy.

How much data does it use?

Normally very little data is used because usually we only need to reach technical settings; we usually do not need to upload or download files.

How long does it take?

It depends on the severity of the technical problem but since we deal with technical computer issues on a daily basis in general a solution usually is found within an hour or two and sometimes within minutes.

How much does it cost?

The fees are time based at R200 per hour with the minimum being R200. Fees are payable via EFT.

Is my data safe?


Firstly, we do not share ANY personal or business data with anyone ever!

We have been working on computers, servers and network since 2006 and have not had any security breach. Your data is safe.

What type of computers or laptop do you work on?

We are experienced on the Windows, Windows Server and Linux operating platforms. For issues on Apple products, we will likely refer you to an iOS expert.

Note, AnyDesk and TeamViewer is used on standalone computers or laptops. To work on a Windows Server or Linux server technical issue, a temporary login to the server will be required.

What is the computer or laptop is broken?

If the problem turns out to be a hardware instead of a software issue and you would rather not bring it in or rather not have one of our technicians visit your premises then we arrange pickup through a courier. Once the computer or laptop arrives at the Essential IT Solutions technical centre, it is thouroughly cleaned with chemicals specifically developed for use on electronic items. It is again thouroughly cleaned and packaged before it is returned to you.

Response time?

We will respond to your call immediately and start the support process straight-away unless the technical issue is not critical. Basically, you decide on when technical support is required to fit in within your schedule.

We are called Essential IT Solutions and we’d like to live up to our name. See the Facebook reviews and Google reviews. We’re always glad to be of service.

Call us on any of these numbers: 021 853 4790 or mobile/whatsapp/telegram 081 395 8776.

Date: 15 Jan 2021