Backup power beats loadshedding

You have the perfect setup at home: fibre router connecting your smart TV, computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Everyone in the house is happy. Until the lights go out.

You don’t need to endure the frustrations of loadshedding interrupting your entertainment or your work flow. An easy-to-set-up backup power system can keep you – and your family – on power during loadshedding.

In our Backup Power category you’ll find solutions for small to large home or small business computer-related networks.

If you need a backup power solution for just a router and one computer to keep working or watching DSTV or Netflix or to keep on gaming during loadshedding, there is an affordable system for you. If you need more power, for instance to run a number of devices, there are a number of systems to choose from.

For an affordable solutions, consider the Sherlo 12V system. (Read here how it one of our customers utilized this system to keep his Internet connection alive during loadshedding.)

Sherlo backup power

Which backup power system?

The type of backup power system you choose will largely depend on your budget. But consider this: loadshedding most likely is here to stay. This also means that demand is growing. Coupled to a shortage of computer chips, the pressure on freight transport, restrictions on movement because of Covid, political instabillity and general inflation, prices might increase sharply. In short, if it is possible, invest in a backup power system sooner rather than later.

If budget is not a big issue, herewith are a number of backup power systems we suggest you consider –

RCT Megapower 54K

In the below advert, you’ll notice which devices and how long they can be powered for. (Keep in mind that your laptop, tablet and/or mobile phone should have some battery life available when loadshedding kicks in.)

The RCT Megapower 54K is a portable compact AC power supply unit.

RCT Megapower 54K backup power

RCT Megapower 80K

Stepping up to the RCT Megapower 80K system will give you almost twice the power yet it costs only 35% more. This is a sound backup power investment choice.

RCT Megapower 80K backup power

RCT Megapower 1KVA UPS trolley

UPS trolley systems allow room for expansion and while not as compact as the above units, they still measure only 28 x 14 x 22 cm and weigh just over 4kg. But if it’s more backup power you want, this is the way to go.

RCT Megapower 1KVA UPS trolley

And here are the estimated power usage times for the RCT Megapower 1KVA UPS trolley –

RCT Megapower 1KVA trolley

Backup power range

All of the above images click through to the Essential IT Solutions Backup Power category. There you will also find backup power systems by Mecer, rack mount kits, interactive UPS units, inverters and Ecco, Sawa-Tech and Vision batteries and other solutions.

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Date: 26 Jul 2021