New range of Rogueware Gaming gear and impressive gaming furniture

Rogueware Gaming is known for their ultra sleek ergonomic designs and the advanced technoligical capabilities of their gaming peripherals so the announcement of their new range is exciting news.

The new 6-button GM range of gaming mouse start with 4000 DPI GM50, all the way up to the 12 000 DPI GM300 with the Pixart PWM3360 optical sensor and integrated RG lighting.

As is now traditional with Rogueware Gaming peripherals, pre-programmed lighting or programmable lighting can also be found in the new range of GK 108-key gaming keyboards.

And… the new range of smart gaming desks also feature controllable RGB lighting which you can control from an app on your phone! The Rogueware Gaming furniture is the ultimate choice for the serious gamer.

But here’s the best feature of Rogueware Gaming equipment: they are well made and look smart but they are affordable. Real value for money.

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Rogueware Gaming mouse

As a launch special, the Rogue Gaming mouse starts at only R259 for the GM50, with the top-of-the range GM300 costing only R659. (Told ya they are value for money!)

Rogueware Gaming GM300 gaming mouse

The GM50 and GM100 feature the AVAGO optical sensor; the GM200 and GM300 come with the Pixart PWM3360 optical sensor.

Rogueware Gaming range of gaming mouse

Rogueware Gaming mousepads

Yes indeed, a good, comfortable mouse should be supported by a good, comfortable mousepad. On offer are 4 different size mousepads, with the smallest starting at R89 and the GP300 RGB XXL deskpad landing at R669.

Rogueware Gaming mousepads

Rogueware Gaming keyboard

All the Rogueware Gaming keyboard feature 108-key layout with antighosting. The top model, the GK300, has an aliminium chassis and an integrated folding palm rest. It is well built, looks well and is priced well at only R679 launch price.

Rogueware Gaming GK300 gaming keyboard

The launch price of the GK50 keyboard is a steal at only R269. The GK100 is R529.

Rogueware Gaming GK keyboard range

Rogueware Gaming headsets

At going to press we were still awaiting on specs and pricing of the new Rogueware Gaming headsets. They’re bound to be full featured, quality headsets at very keen pricing. Here’s a preview of the GH50 headset.

Rogueware Gaming GH50 headset

Rogueware Gaming chassis

If you’ve read this far you know that the new range is sleek and colourful. And that includes the new GT range of computer chassis, as the image would attest.

Rogueware Gaming range of GT computer chassis

Rogueware Gaming power supplies

If power is what you want, power is what you’ll get.

The famous range of 80Plus Gold series are available in 550W, 750W, 850W and 1000W ATX power supplies. The only way up from there is the impressive 4x Molex 1200W 80Plus Platinium power supply.

Rogueware Gaming 80Plus Gold and 80Plus Platinium ATX power supplies

Rogueware Gaming monitors

Your game, your choice. The Rogueware Gaming monitors are available in 24- and 27-inch FHD flat panels, 32-inch WQHD monitor and the 34-inch WUQHD 3440×1440 curved panel. You choose.

Rogueware Gaming computer monitors

Rogueware Gaming chairs

Get settled in behind your gaming rig in the best possible way: in a proper gaming chair.

The Rogueware Gaming gaming chairs models: Forza, Racer, Rally and Formula.

Rogueware Gaming Forza, Racer, Rally and Formula gaming chairs

Rogueware Gaming furniture

If you want to stand out from the crowd, if you want to leave a wow-factor impression and be the talk of the gaming circle, you have to consider Rogueware Gaming furniture.

This stunning range of furniture is the must-have for any serious gamer with a budget. There is a range of smart, RGB-lit gaming and executive desks on offer or, if you can go the full distance, the smart wall shelf, smart coffee table and, yes, the RGB L-shape sofa.

Or go max! Because you know you want it! Introducing the Scion 32 water cooling gaming desk with transparent built-in ATX case with water cooling, ultra thick waterproof desktop mousepad and programmable RGB that you control through an app on your phone.

What they say

Rogueware Gaming offers a wide range of selection within each of their product divisions. In their words –

We aim to every gamer to select and match their own style to their every need.

Please note that, at this time of reporting, some of these featured products are still to be launched. For those that have already been launched, you’ll find them on the Essential IT Solutions online shop under the Rogueware Gaming category.

Happy gaming. (Of course you’ll win!)

Date: 06 Sep 2021