The new Essential IT Solutions online shop platform

Essential IT Solutions launched a new online shop platform with an exciting range of computer and office products. Browsing the items is now even easier and faster.

Ordering an item is just a click away, with easier-than-ever registration and checkout. Managing your own account is clear and simple, with utmost care taken to protect your personal data.

Payment methods

Order payments can be made via direct EFT or through the popular, trusted PayFast payment system. PayFast allows various payment methods, including RCS, mobicred, Zapper, EFT, bank cards and a number of store cards, such as Macro, Game, Contempo cards and many others.

New online ecommerce platform

We chose WooCommerce, the world’s most popular and trusted ecommerce platform, which allows the company to introduce new shopping features and integrate easier with social media services such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and with Google users.

Existing customers and new registrations

While the company could have transferred existing customer data from the old platform to the new platform, it was considered safer to request existing customer to re-register on the new platform where they will have easier control over their account and their data.

New registrations can be made during or after cart checkout or by going directly to My Account (link at the top and bottom of every page viewed on desktop computers and at the bottom of mobile phone screens).

Computers, laptops, hardware, software and more

Despite the financial challenges brought on by the COVID 19 epidemic, the pricing on computers, laptop, hardware and software has been fairly stable, as has the availability of these items. We do our best to keep pricing competitive.

Even so, there has been an increase in demand for refurbished computers, laptops and servers, which, you may be glad to know, usually is in good supply in the Refurbished category.

Backup Power Solutions

Regular visitors and social media followers may have noticed that Backup Power Solutions recently were discussed and promoted regularly on our blog in on our social media pages. That is simply because of the terrible effect loadshedding has on home and business communication, leading to tremendous demand on backup power solutions such as inverters, batteries and solar panels. Be assured that Essential IT Solutions is utilizing every possible avenue to meet the demand.

Technical Support

As ever, Essential IT Solutions offers in-store, on-site and remote technical support. We have been doing so for more than a decade and is happy to be of service if you or your company requires such service. We are just a phone call away:

Phone: 021 853 4790
Mobile/Whatsapp: 081 395 8776

Thank you for your support throughout the years. We trust you will like the new shopping platform.

Date: 30 Aug 2022