Will Father Christmas deliver gifts even if loadshedding is at stage 8?

Stage 8 loadshedding during the 2020 festive season?!

Donder! Blixem!

And we add: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet and Cupid! And, of course, Rudolph!

That makes up Santa’s 9 reindeer. (Donder is also spelled Donner and Blixem as Blitzen.) They don’t run on petrol or diesel or even batteries. So, with a team like that, there is absolutely NO STOPPING Santa (aka Father Christmas) delivering gifts on Christmas eve, on time, as always.

Backup Power Solutions

As you know, Santa has excellent night sight. He goes down the darkest chimneys with no difficulty at all, delivering everything from flash drives, SSDs, the latest graphics cards, the best motherboards… any computer-related gift you dream of… and some other stuff (who mentioned Lindt Dark Chocolate?).

No doubt you would like to try out your new computer gadgets as soon as Santa delivers them but if, at that time, it is loadshedding in your area and you do not have backup power, well…

Well, that’s why would like you to consider, in advance, a backup power solution. Essential IT Solutions has complete Emergency Backup Power Solution sets. Or you can start with an inverter and batteries. We even offer solar panels. In the least, consider an UPS, available from only R869.

Keep the lights on!

You most likely own or have seen the modern smart LED bulbs. They are equipped with batteries that powers the LED bulbs when the electricity goes off. Usually for two to three hours, thus providing light during loadshedding at night. When the electricity comes back on, their batteries get recharged.

Not only are they handy but they also are a great safety, security and cost-saving feature. Safety, because you can see where you’re going. Security, because an unlit house is a crime magnet. Cost-saving, because you won’t spill any of your expensive entertainment liquids when the electricity goes off while you’re pouring your shot, lol.

Smart LED bulbs
LED bulbs in the Backup Power LED Lights category

We also offer strong, longer-lasting 7.5W and 9W Xiaomi Smart LED bulbs. They feature dimmable brightness from 40 up to 950 lumens. The Essent model – price R329 – allows colour temperature adjustment from to anything between 1700K to 6500K.

Xiaomi Smart LED bulb range 2022
Xiaomi Smart LED bulbs, available in the Smart Devices category.

Backup power tip

An Essential IT Solutions customer, Richard, gave a good backup power tip: Keeping my internet connection on the boil with 12V.

Not sure how to calculate the backup power formula for your place? Don’t hesitate to give us a whatsapp/call: 081 395 8776.

Festive Season Sale

The Essential IT Solutions Festive Season Sale is in full swing! You’ll find links at the top of all the online shop and blog pages. Those links lead to a special Festive Season Sale promotions category that offers a wide range of products, including Gaming Gear, computer hardware, smart devices and, yes, even Backup Power Solutions.

We are glad to announce that although there was a significant petrol price hike on 7 December 2022, we are keeping the standard shipping at only R135. (We will quote in advance on shipping of large, heavy items.) And, as always, there is free deliveries in the Helderberg area for order of R350 and more.

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Date: 09 Dec 2022