Loadshedding solutions January 2023

Stage 2, stage 4, stage 6! Any one of these loadshedding stages is a nuisance to the utmost degree. It interferes with your work, your entertainment and, in general, with all aspects of life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. A power backup system can remove the loadshedding nuisance instantly. All you need is an inverter and batteries. Fortunately, we have a whole range available on sale for January 2023.

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Which power backup system to choose?

Which power backup system do you require? Well, you have to calculate the total Watts usage of the electric devices – by law the power consumption should be printed on the label on the device – that you want to use during loadshedding. If it’s just your internet connection you’d like to keep rolling, the GIZZU 30W 32Wh 8800mAh Mini DC UPS will do the job; and it costs only R899

If you want to power your TV, decoder and a router, there are many backup systems to choose from, with inverter prices starting at R2 899 and batteries staring at R2 699.

Need more? Want to hook your power backup system up to your main board and also run solar panels? We have a number of pure sinewave, high-end solutions available, as you’ll see in our latest promotion and in the Power Backup Solutions category.

Keep in mind: all these systems are available on flexible monthly instalments on any RCS store card, including the Game Mystore Card, Makro Credit, Builders Store Credit, Cape Union Mart Group Card, Keedo Store Card, Old Khaki Store Card, Poetry Store Card, Tread+Miller Store Card, VIP Store Card, CTM Store Card, Contempo Store Card and Supa Quick Store Card.

Backup Power Solutions - inverters and batteries on sale

More info

Do you need assistance in how to establish which power backup system you require for your home or business? Do not hesitate to contact Essential IT Solutions on mobile/whatsapp 081 395 8776.

Reminder: for purchase totals of R350 or more, we deliver FREE in the Helderberg area.

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Power station image by Fatih Turan: https://www.pexels.com/photo/high-chimneys-and-buildings-of-central-heating-plant-from-above-9835979/

Date: 24 Jan 2023