Inverters, Batteries, Laptops and Solid State Drives

It ain’t over until it’s over. Loadshedding, that is. And, sadly, it ain’t gonna be over soon.

So, the question is: when is the best time to buy a backup power solution? The answer, of course, is: right now. Not only to have it running during loadshedding – so that you can keep on working (or playing) uninterrupted – but also for that moment when the main grid electricity comes back on so that your computers and devices are protected against those possible power surges.

In addition, a good reason to buy backup power systems now instead of later is the issue of demand putting pressure on prices.

Your journey to get off the Escom grid should start today.

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Inverters and batteries on sale

Mecer, RCT and Vision inverters are on sale right now. Point your browser to the Inverters category and the Batteries category. Or, easier still, head for the main Backup Power category and start browsing for bargains from there.

Inverter prices start from only R2 699 for the Mecer 1200VA 720W 12V modified sinewave inverter. The price for the RCT Axpert VM2 1200W pure sinewave inverter is R5 999.

You may have noticed that the prices of batteries have shot up. That is the result of extreme demand putting pressure on availability, coupled with a weakening Rand. As said, the best time to buy is before the prices go up again. Thus said, we try our utmost to offer the most competitive prices for inverters and batteries.

The choice of batteries will most likely be subject to the budget. Ideally, a new Lifepo4 (Lithium iron phosphate) battery should be on your shopping list but they are, admittedly, pricey. However, we also offer lead-acid, AGM, Gel and lithium batteries. For instance, the Vision 100Ah 12V Deep Cycle Extra Heavy Duty AGM battery is priced at R3 199. The Deltec 1251 Premium Sealed 12V 105Ah lead acid battery is available at R2 699.

Inverter sale March 2023

Solar panels

A quick but important aside. Re the tax rebate on solar panels, quoted from Moneyweb

Government is proposing a rooftop solar incentive for individuals to invest in photovoltaic projects that will generate power. It has allocated R4 billion for this incentive. Individuals will be able to receive a tax rebate to the value of 25% of the cost of any new and unused solar panels.

The rebate can be used to offset the individual’s personal income tax liability for the 2023/24 tax year up to a maximum of R15 000 per individual. This relief will only be available for one year.

To qualify, the solar panels must be purchased and installed at a private residence, and a certificate of compliance for the installation must be issued from 1 March 2023 to 29 February 2024.

Moneyweb 22 Feb 2023

Please see the solar panels available in the Essential IT Solutions Solar Panels category.

Refurb laptops on sale

The COVID lockdown ripped through our lives and through our wallets. Everybody is bargain hunting. And so are we. We continually look for refurbished computer and laptop bargains and have been fortunate to have a steady supply which we pass on to you.

Currently we have Lenovo Ideapad and Dell Vostro laptops on offer. These laptops are fully serviced and carry warranties. They also are available on monthly terms through the PayFast RCS store card facilities. To view, see the Refurbished Laptops category.

Refurb laptop sale March 2023

Solid State Drives on sale

To be honest, we are suprised that so many employees still work from home. That may explain the increased demand for storage hardware, in particular Solid State Drives. Fortunately, we have ample stock, with both the Rogueware NX100 SSD range and the Rogueware NX200M NVMe range on sale. With prices staring from only R499, it will be worth your while to visit the Internal SSD category.

Inverters, Batteries, Refurb Laptops and Solid State Drives sale March 2023

All the items features in the above leaflet are available in the Promotions category.

Questions / Answers

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Date: 27 Feb 2023