Happy Easter 2023

Easter is the one of most important and oldest festival of the Christian religion, held the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox (between 21 March and 25 April) to celebrate the resurrection of Christ three days after his death by crucifixion.

The Easter eggs represent new life and rebirth.

And the Easter bunny? In old folklore the bunny delivered the eggs to the children, but the symbol of the bunny is actually based on the tradition of the ancient pagan festival of Eostre which celebrated the return of spring. Later the festival coincided with the time of Easter and so some of the old traditions were brought into the new Christian celebrations. Eostre honoured the goddess of fertility and her animal symbol was a rabbit.

Nowadays, if you think Easter bunny, you think chocolate!

Easter eggs may consist of a plain chocolate shell, or with a chocolate filling, marshmallow filling encased in chocolate, caramel filling, or just about anything that sounds delicious: custard, cheesecake, lemon meringue, peanut butter, smarties, or even small toys.

In short, Easter is a time to celebrate and today the giving of Easter bunnies and Easter eggs is often accompanied by other gifts as well. And so we have the Easter Sale!

Easter sale 2023

If you would like to add a small gift to the Easter bunny and Easter eggs you’re giving your loved one, head over to the Essential IT Solutions Promotions category. There you will find a wide range of wired and wireless gaming mouse, with prices starting as low as only R149 for any of the Canyon MW range or only R199 for the T-Dagger Recruit or T-Dagger Private gaming mouse. Also consider the medium or large gaming mouse pads on sale.

Canyon MW range gaming mouse on sale

Also on the small scale – in actual size, that is – are the laptop RAM and PC RAM on sale. A Zeppelin 8GB DDR4 PC2666 laptop RAM module is available at only R599. The popular Geil Orion 32GB DDR4 3600Mhz Red RGB gaming RAM kit (2 x 16GB modules) is on sale for only R2 619.

As you would expect, there are many more items on sale: Intel processors, motherboards, graphics cards, Solid State Drives, and, yes, even backup power batteries (AGM, Lithium and LifePO4), inverters (modified and pure sine wave) and complete backup power trolley systems.

Refurb laptops Easter sale

Have a look at the Refurb Laptops category! No, those prices are not typos! The already-reduced prices have been marked down even further for the Easter Sale. Some refurb laptops have been marked down by a further R2 000 (two thousand Rand).

The MSI-GF63 THIN 10UC-670ZA gaming laptop, with Intel Core i7-10750H CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1024GB NVME SSD and a RTX3050 4GB DDR6 graphics card featured at this time of writing is the last of this model in stock. New they went for R23 999, then we priced this refurb beauty for only R16 999. BUT, for the Easter Sale 2023, this full-featured gaming laptop is available at only R14 999!

MSI-GF63 THIN 10UC-670ZA gaming laptop sale
MSI-GF63 THIN 10UC-670ZA gaming laptop sale

Yes, you read it right! Only R14 999! And, yes, it is available on mobicred or RCS store card monthly instalments.

Online sale

Please note that the Essential IT Solutions store in George Street, Strand, Cape Town will be closed for the Easter weekend, Friday 7 April until Monday 10 April 2023. The online shop, however, is, as always, operating 24/7, with our webmaster on standby to handle the additional processing that is now almost customary during the Easter Sale. All online order will be shipped on the Tuesday and Wednesday after the Easter weekend.

Essential IT Solutions Easter Sale 2023
Happy Easter!

We wish you a happy Easter.

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Date: 04 Apr 2023