Say No to Slow! Upgrade to SSD!

The easiest, quickest and cheapest way to increase the speed of your computer or laptop is to add RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM sets the upper limit of the processes that a computer can perform at any one time. In other words, when you’re multi-tasking – like having a number of apps or software programs open at once – you want an ample amount of RAM to allow the computer to handle all the tasks well.

For instance, when you’re working on a spreadsheet but also have a browser open to check related data plus you have your email client and messenger running in the background – so that you can access them quickly – and, just for fun, you’re playing your favourite music at the same time. That actually is a lot of stuff for a computer to compute simultaneously. This is where RAM will assist your CPU and hard drive to work at optimum level.

Fortunately, RAM is cheap, starting from as little as R249 for either a PC or laptop Zeppelin RAM module. You will find those in the Memory category.

Zeppelin RAM sale

Upgrade to SSD

RAM is only one aspect of your computer or laptop performance. All the components in a PC or laptop work as a team; the modules on your motherboard, the CPU, the graphics card (standalone or CPU embedded) and the hard drive. Thus, after you ensure that you have ample RAM, you would want a faster hard drive. In short, if you are still using a SATA hard drive on your computer or laptop, keep in mind that an SSD (Solid State Drive) is up to 10 times faster than the older SATA hard drives (app. 550MB/s vs 50MB/s read/write speeds). Upgrading to an SSD can give your computer or laptop a huge performance boost.

The good news is that an SSD is affordable, starting from as little as R499 for a 256GB SSD. (A 256GB drive can store more than sixty thousand photos or songs.) All the featured SSD drives are available in the Internal SSD category.

Essential IT Solutions SSD sale
Rogueware SSD sale

Even faster!

Do you do video editing or play high end games? You can go even faster with an NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) drive. An NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) drive is between 5 and 20 times faster than an SSD (3 500 MB/s vs 550 MB/s read/write speed, with Gen 4 NVMe speed reaching 7 500 MB/s and Gen 5 NVMe at 12 000 MB/s). Yet, an NVMe drive costs the same and, in some cases, even less than an SSD, starting from as little as R449 for a 256GB NVMe drive (as displayed in the above images and available in the Internal SSD category.

If your PC motherboard does not have a M.2 slot, you can opt for a M.2 PCi adapter, which costs around R320 at this time of writing.

Please note that a laptop needs to be equipped with a M.2 slot to take an NVMe drive. For the record, a number of the Refurb Laptops on sale right now are equipped with M.2 slots and comes with NVMe drives already installed.

As you can see from the above, increasing your RAM and upgrading to an SSD or NVMe is a worthy investment, giving your big performance returns for relatively little financial input.

Asus X415FA refurb laptop sale

Quick note: External SSD – or mobile SSD – and SSD caddies are available in the External HDD category.

Hard drive cloning

“Great!”, we hear you say, “but how to transfer all the data from the old drive to an SSD or NVme?”

There are many software programmes – some of which are free – which allows you to clone your old drive onto a new one. Or, even easier if you live in the Helderberg area, you can leave it to us to clone your drive safely and securely. The cost is only R400.

Hard drive cloning and technical support

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Date: 08 Jan 2024