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AMD Ryzen Threadripper Gen 1 1900X CPU


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AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper 1900X 3.8ghz socket TR4 Processor

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AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper 1900X 3.8ghz socket TR4 Processor


AMDs Threadripper 1900X boasts a generous 8 cores and 16 threads. Perfect for those who want professional-grade computing power, without having to invest in atrociously pricey hardware. Get the cheapest 8-core CPU in the world with the 1900X and see performance gains in every single task saving time. After all, your time is precious.

Featuring an unprecedented 64 PCIe Gen 3 lanes, AMD ensures that you never limit your expansion capabilities irrespective of the processor you buy.

Grab an AMD Threadripper 1900X and stop waiting around for your PC. With a 8-core Threadripper at its core, your PC can keep up with the heaviest of workloads without breaking a sweat. Just pair it with a top-notch x399 motherboard, and youre good to go.

Order the Threadripper 1900X today, and get unbelievable performance at an equally incredible price! Sit back as our experts deliver your brand-new Threadripper processor to your doorstep in South Africa.

AMDs new Threadripper processors provide the ultimate in CPU performance, the likes of which has never been seen before. With the Ryzen Threadripper 1900X packing a phenomenal 8 Cores & 16 Threads, combined with a boost speed of up to 4.0GHz, this CPU lays waste to single-threaded & multi-threaded tasks alike. Coupled with support for up to 64 PCIe lanes, this is the processor you need for massive multi-way graphics or large arrays of NVMe PCIe drives. For the enthusiasts out there, this Processor is unlocked, to allow you to squeeze ever last drop of Threadripper power for maximum performance & bragging rights.

The Ryzen Threadripper 1900X packages contains:
Instructions Poster for installing the processor; includes warranty information
Cooler mounting bracket
Torque wrench

AMD SenseMI Technology. Technology that thinks.
AMD's SenseMI technology is a set of learning and adapting features that help the AMD Ryzen processor customize its performance to you and your applications, thanks to true machine intelligence (MI). Finally: performance that thinks.

Precision Boost

Fine-tuned processor performance adjusted in real time to meet the performance demands of your game or app.
?Adjusts clockspeeds in 25MHz increments to optimize performance
?Clockspeed changes can occur without pausing work

Precision Boost 2

Gracefully raises processor frequencies for snappier performance on any number of CPU cores.
?The AMD Ryzen processor monitors its own energy consumption and temperature.
?When the processor knows it's running cool and quiet, it can raise clock speeds in precise 25MHz steps for any application

A true artificial intelligence inside every AMD Ryzen processor employs an artificial neural network to understand your applications and anticipate the next steps of your workflow in real time. These powers of prediction can boost performance by steering your apps and games down the most efficient paths inside the processor.

Pure Power

A sophisticated grid of smart sensors that monitors CPU temperature, resource usage and power draw brings cool and quiet operation to your AMD Ryzen processor with intelligent power optimization circuits, plus the low power requirements of an advanced 14nm FinFET manufacturing technology.

Smart Prefetch

Sophisticated learning algorithms understand the inner workings of your applications and anticipate what data they might need. Smart Prefetch predictively brings that data into the AMD Ryzen processor for fast and responsive computing.


Product CodeCP-AT1900Xspacer
# of CPU Cores8
# of Threads16
Base Clock Speed3.8GHz
Max Turbo Core Speed4GHz
Total L1 Cache768KB
Total L2 Cache4MB
Total L3 Cache16MB
PCI Express VersionPCIe 3.0
Default TDP / TDP180W
System Memory
Max System Memory Speed2667MHz
System Memory TypeDDR4
Memory Channels4
Key Features
Supported TechnologiesAMD SenseMI Technology
AMD Ryzen VR-Ready Premium
XFR (Extended Frequency Range)
Product FamilyAMD Ryzen
Product LineAMD Ryzen Threadripper

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