Here at Essential IT Solutions we all too often have to remove viruses from computers and laptops and perform data recovery for everything from family photos to critical business data. And while we gladly do it we also are sad to see how often it needs to be done while computer virus infection or data loss can so easily be prevented.

Here are what you should do to prevent data loss:

1. Firstly, keep your software updated: your operating system, your anti-virus program and all other software.

2. Then, please backup your content and data. It is so simple:

a. Set up auto backups to the services already on your computer/laptop or mobile device or any of the others listed here (all of them offer FREE basic plans) :

b. Backup to an external hard drive or flash drive. They are so cheap nowadays!

c. For particularly valuable content and/or data, consider high-end backup and recovery services such as iDrive (for which we are an official reseller). iDrive offers cloud-based backup and recovery services which also backs up external drives, NAS (Network-Attached Storage) devices and mobile devices through an easy-to-use web-based control panel.

Image via Tom’s Guide review of iDrive Personal.

Privacy and Security

The world is awash with hack attempts and other nasty cyber crimes. For instance, spam accounts for almost half of all emails sent around the world, thus more than 100 billion spam emails per day. Hidden within a message, image or email might be a bit of code that could infiltrate your computer, your phone, your home and, eventually, your bank account. Learn how to detect spam and phishing.

Protect your computer, phone and other electronic devices against viruses and ransomware.

Here are quick tips from Microsoft

1. As mentioned, keep your software up to date; the latest updates usually includes security patches.

2. Don’t attach unfamiliar removable drives such as external hard drives and flash drives.

3. Be wary of links and attachments. If it looks suspicious, it probably is. Don’t click on a link if you’re not sure about it. Don’t open an attachment if you do not recognize it.

4. Do not stream or download pirated content because it often contains malware. Download movies, music and apps only from official publisher website. (After all, nowadays movies, music and apps are cheap – often free – and widely available from trusted sources.)

5. Backup! Backup! Backup!

Backup and Recovery services

Essential IT Solutions offers a number of backup service plans for home users and businesses, both onsite and legacy ultra-secure cloud backups, and Backup Power solutions.

All backup services are provided with utmost privacy. See our privacy policy.

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